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OnlineMedicalTourism is your premier resource for information on medical tourism and medical travel

Health is our most precious treasure and we believe it should be a privilege of all. As your committed medical travel facilitator we wish to promote the highest standard health care on a global scale and guide patients towards the best medical solutions.

The globalization of health care has opened up a whole new perspective for both patients and health care providers. We wish to explore the potentials of this dynamically increasing trend and connect patients in need to the world’s most reputable medical tourist destinations, specialist and accredited, patient-driven hospitals worldwide.

Our mission is to serve as reliable source of information for patients on quality and affordable medical options beyond the borders, raise people’s awareness about the abundance of choices they have and offer alternatives where local health care fails to satisfy patient’s needs. Our aim is to promote global health and the general availability of quality medical services. We closely cooperate with a number of health care providers all around the world in our joint effort to ensure high-quality, accredited and transparent health care at an affordable, clear pricing.

Quality health care is within your reach, and with the possibilities of international travel and global quality assurance systems, searching for medical treatments beyond the borders is more convenient and safer than ever. Hospitals receiving international patients dedicate themselves to professional excellence and seek multiple accreditations by international organizations such as JCI, JCAHO or ISO to ease your choice and raise confidence.

Improving technologies and standards of care in many countries will ensure the continuous thriving of medical tourism, and convince more and more health insurers in developed countries to contribute to the costs of health tourism to economize on medical treatments.



      Oncologists need to be not only professional but attentive to the patient. Easy and inexpensive travel options opened many opportunities for the medical traveler.Choosing the right treatment for cancer in the right location is vital for the patient’s healing. Learn more


      Learn more


      Cosmetic surgeries are the most common surgeries performed overseas and are cost effective. All surgeries are done by professional top class surgeons. Learn more




      Medical tourism enables you to get the best opportunities for Coronary bypass and other cardiovascular treatments. There are medical facilities in the world which can best fit your medical needs. Learn more




      Orthopedic procedures such as knee replacements or hip resurfacing are done in many destinations overseas which have the knowledge of well- trained doctors with reduced risks of infections. Learn more




      Fertility treatments overseas is a growing field in the world of medicine. The key to success lies in reduced waiting lines, excellent skilled staff working in collaboration with modern laboratories and clinics. Learn more




      If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, you can make a change! Bariatric Surgery is one of the most popular operations in the western world. Weight loss is not only compulsory for your health but for your self –esteem as well. Learn more

      • High cost of health care at country of origin

      • Long waiting lists for certain procedures

      • Lack of treatment options

      • Lack of insurance coverage
      • Excellent medical care in reputable hospitals with top notch technology.

      • Cost-effective procedures, with trip and accommodation included, treatments for fractions of domestic prices.

      • You have the opportunity to travel to wonderful locations and spend the recovery time in a relaxed environment, free from everyday stress.

      • No waiting lists, quick response and immediate action.

      • Patient safety and satisfaction is our primary concern, therefore we adjust our recommendations to your individual health needs.
  • Medical travel is a $40 billion industry which is expected to gain even more popularity in the upcoming years.

    An estimated 7 million medical travelers enjoy the benefits of low-cost, quality medical treatments abroad virtually in all medical fields, from dental services to weight-loss and cosmetic surgeries. 

  • Argentina (cosmetic surgery), Belgium (Bariatric surgery), Brazil (cosmetic surgery), Colombia (cosmetic, cardiac surgery, Costa Rica (Dental work), Greece (Ophthalmology), Hong Kong (Cardiology),  Hungary (dentistry),  India (Bone-marrow transplant), Israel (reproductive tourism),  Jordan (in vitro fertilization), Lithuania (Gynecology),  Malaysia (Gastroenterology), Mexico (Weight loss),  The PhilippinesPoland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia,  South Africa (medical safaris), Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine

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