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About Us

The OnlineMedicalTourism goal is to become the premier resource for information on medical tourism and medical travel.

Our Team is composed by:

Judit Spisák – Content Editor  

Judit-photo-small By profession a language teacher, certified literary translator and editor. As a translator and content editor she has specialized in life sciences – biology, health sciences, cognitive neuroscience, food science, physiology, psychology in English-Spanish-Hungarian
As an educator she has focused on training doctors and nurses in English as a foreign language, instructing health care professionals in communication, lecturing and cultural competences required to work in an international scientific environment.
A life-long learner, a traveller, an avid researcher and reader. She believes in the utility of an interdisciplinary approach in any discourse saying that one discipline cannot be fully understood without the other.
She has an indefatugable interest in cultural mediation, nutrition sciences, stress relieving techniques and neurolinguistics. By the time she gets 50 she dreams to be a hyperpolyglot.

Yifat Manor – Medical Coordinator & Content Editor

Yifat ManorBy profession a Content Editor and English Teacher.
Yifat has been writing for The Jerusalem Post Lite about travel destinations. She gives advice on travel options & tailors vacations. She also edited medical articles for several Universities in Israel. Her interest though, has always been in the field of medicine. She has great knowledge in medicine coming from a family with a strong medical background. The combination of tourism and medicine has brought her to work in the medical tourism field. She conducts extensive research regarding medical destinations and best options for medical treatments. Yifat believes that there is nothing more satisfying than to find a solution for patients who cannot afford medical treatment at their country of origin.

Jacob Rosen – Webmaster

jacob rosenJacob is a business developer in the high- tech field. He decided to exploit his business developing expertise with his interest in medicine. He is up dated with every technological innovation in the medical arena especially in robotic surgery. He has implemented his talent as a business developer in the high tech world to the medical field. He has worked with medical audience in the past years.
Jacob is also a traveler. His extensive experience in traveling has its advantages as a business developer in Online Medical Tourism. Jacob contributes to the company a wide range of ideas with a vast insight of cutting edge technical knowledge.

OnlineMedicalTourism is designed to assist prospective patients in researching information about a planned procedure and locating the best facility for their personal circumstances. OMT provides comprehensive information on medical facilities, medical tourism service providers, full service medical facilitators, medical professionals, travel agencies, resorts, spas, medical/travel insurance, medical professional recruitment, overseas as well as in the US. For certain patients seeking specialized treatments, local options in their own city or state might be the right choice, for others, cost might be the most important factor and traveling abroad for procedures that are high cost at home, might make the most sense. OMT will enable you to educate yourself on the different options and make a carefully studied choice.

Please be aware that OMT is only an information resource where providers offer medical service or other services to visitors via the Website.

OMT is an Internet resource providing consumers and visitors with educational information related to medical travel and medical tourism. OMT does not provide health care nor do we provide any medical advice regarding the nature of health care treatment available in any location, including health care services that may be available within and outside the United States of America. It is up to each visitor who uses the website and the information provided to conduct their own comprehensive due diligence of Affiliates, including any health service, care giver, physician or any other medical professional, medical facility, facilitator or service provider prior to using their services.

OnlineMedicalTourism.com will guide you through the wealth of medical travel related information towards better healing alternatives you can afford. Our comprehensive medical tourism resource is dedicated to helping you understand and benefit from the new global healthcare opportunities medical travel affords.

Our model is that we do NOT receive payments from facilities or service providers for referring patients. We are paid for obvious advertisements on the site and this allows us to be agnostic about which facility or service provider our visitors elect to use.

Should you wish further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.