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Ayurverdic treatments

Ayurverdic Treatments: The Theory and Practice of Ayuverda

 Some believe that all illnesses start in our mind. This notion suggests that there is an inseparable connection between our health and our emotional and spiritual state of the mind. The human being is a microcosm in itself whose balance is also strongly linked to the universe. Ayurverdic treatments or ayurverda medicine promote this holistic view when it comes to preventing and treating certain medical conditions. It is one of the oldest Eastern medical practices that fall into the category of alternative medicine.

The Theory Behind Ayurverdic Treatments

According to Ayurverda practitioners every individual has a unique structure that is a combination of our physical and psychological traits. In the universe five basic elements can be identified: air, space, fire, water and earth. A human being is also presumed to be composed of the unique combination of these elements, which constitute the nature and balance of our energies or life force and how our body functions.


Ayurverdic Treatments

When a patient decides to turn to ayurverda medicine, it is recommended to seek an ayurverda practitioner who got his certification in India, as there training is more comprehensive and controlled.

Regardless of the symptoms, ayurverdic treatments always start with a thorough examination of the patient’s physical and mental condition to identify the combination of the five elements.

Ayurverda examination usually includes:

  • Examination of the body structure, skin, eyes, tongue and teeth
  • Listening carefully to your voice and the way how you speak
  • Analyzing your pulse
  • Examining your urine and stool
  • Asking information about your eating habits, lifestyle, how your immune system works and illnesses you have had so far.

The first stage of ayurverdic treatments is to clean the body, mainly your intestines and blood from waste materials, which may contribute to your condition. It can happen with massage, oils, teas, by taking laxative or purgative substances, or by enema.

Depending on your condition ayurverdic treatments combine the following methods:

  • Meditation, awareness and breathing practices
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Diet reform
  • Herbs and natural oils
  • Vitamin and mineral intake