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Boyak treatments

Boyak Treatments

Boyak treatments refer to the traditional herbal remedies of the eastern medical tradition, more precisely to Korean herbal practices. These herbal treatments are selected botanical treasures from a superior category of herbs such as the Ginseng that by now has gained worldwide popularity. There are two big branches of Boyak treatments: herbal tonics and the herbal elixir.

Patients do not consume herbal treatments for treating specific diseases, as one might expect in Western cultures. Boyak treatments focus on nourishing the tissues and stimulating hormones, gently enhancing and restoring the optimal function of the body as a whole.

The treatment requires the individual interested in herbal treatments to carefully assess and examine Boyak properties and effects. After all, it must be tailored to one’s unique constitution and health requirements through custom formulated treatments.

Herbal Treatments

It is essential to get informed on herbal medicine from reliable sources and also to tell the medical provider about the Boyak treatment you are taking. The reason for this is quite simple: some natural products are not always safe or right for everyone.

Some herbs, comfrey and ephedra for instance, are not regarded beneficial for any health conditions and some other herbs may interact with even over-the-counter medicine as well.

Making a herbal elixir is quite simple and pharmacopeia can be found almost anywhere. Some common boyak ingredients are cherry, elder, ginger, lemon balm, peach, rose, sage and thyme. The list is endless.

In general, herbs and plants are used for their flavor, scent, or therapeutic properties. As dietary supplements, some common ways in which you can find them commercially are:

  • Tablets and capsules
  • Powders and Teas
  • Extracts
  • Fresh or dried plants

Herbal supplements, botanicals and the herbal elixir have been around for medical purposes since ancient cultures. Despite their thousand-year-long tradition they have not been subject to much scientific scrutiny and are not regulated properly.

Before you start taking natural herbal supplements, investigate potential benefits and side effects. If you suffer from chronic health problems, taking medication, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, make sure to consult your family doctor before starting any treatment.