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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism Abroad

Dental tourism is one of the most dynamically developing sub-sectors of medical tourism. With this new trend dental patients around the globe say no to the fear and pain usually associated with dental procedures and pair necessity with pleasure. In a world where we experience an open and unlimited flow of services and products, furthermore a global speedy spread of any new technology or techniques, dentistry providers have to count with not only local but also international competitors.


This tendency lies behind the surge of dental tourism enabling dental practitioners in economically less developed countries to keep up with the latest dental technology and materials, nevertheless offer their services at a considerably more affordable price. As a result, the flux of dentistry tourism is usually one sided, patients travel from developed countries to low cost developing economies. There is a famously massive dentistry tourism between England and Ireland, the U.S.A. and Mexico and between Austria and Hungary.

Besides, especially in the European Union there is a standardized system of dentist training which gives the same level of qualification to any certified dentist in Europe. This way reliability and confidence is not a concern any more for dental tourists.

Why to Have Dental Procedures Abroad?

  • Besides cost reductions in your dental implants, you can accompany your treatment with a relaxing vacation and return home with a feeling of satisfaction.
  • In case of some dental procedures being inaccessible or unfunded in your country you are left without a choice, you need to opt out of local dental services and seek dental aid beyond the borders.
  • You will generally be treated as a very special patient, you dentist will surely provide top quality dental procedures, expecting you to give your first hand complimentary recommendations once you are back in your country.
  • For an average patient virtually out of reach dental procedures like top quality dental implants, porcelain veneers or aesthetic corrections become affordable abroad.
  • In most of the cases less paperwork and simplified bureaucracy is awaiting you abroad.
  • If you make a well-founded choice with regard to the dentist, the agency focused in dental tourism and the insurance company you can be sure to receive value for your money.
  • It enhances competition between providers of dental services, which will result in higher quality and special offers.
  • There are more and more dentists specialized in a certain area, so the range of your choices is widening.
  • You can easily compare prices in various countries with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Dentistry tourism will allow you to save up to 75% on your dental procedures, so you can spend the difference on a well-deserved vacation.
  • You can contact specialized agencies who will take over all the nuisances of preparation and will take charge of flights, accommodation, information on doctors and dental procedures, accreditation. It is a safer bet to get your treatment done with experienced agencies, however do not forget that they are just a medium the final choice is yours.

Dentistry Tourism – Possible risks and what you should pay special attention to

  • General price list are not clearly reliable when it comes to calculating final costs.
  • Do not feel ashamed to ask the dentist or qualification details and references.
  • In case of serious dental procedures it is essential have a certified specialist, nobody wishes to travel back for corrections and raising claims.
  • Prices may seem ridiculously low but do not forget to take your additional travel expanses into consideration (plane ticket, accommodation, insurance)
  • If you are searching for dental implants you should be aware that for the best result you will have to travel twice.
  • The pain and discomfort implications of dental implants can lessen your fun, but you are still on vacation so the new experiences will help you overcame this annoyance. 
  • It will be pretty complicated to get a travel insurance


What are the most popular destinations of dentistry tourism?

  • In case of Australian patients highly recommended destinations are Thailand and Malaysia.
  • From the U.S.A. patients usually opt for Mexico, Peru and Colombia.
  • Within the E.U. the most visited countries by dental tourists are Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland and Turkey.

These countries have shown a huge improvement in medical, including dental tourism. Tourists on their first visits are usually impressed by the medical facilities and the quality of the dental procedures they receive. Do not let yourself misled by the general reputation of a country, it may have third world status with high quality dental treatment. Local dentists might try to scare you with horror stories from abroad, but most of the time they just want to keep patients at home.

Most popular Dental tourism's procedures