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Dental Jewelry

Dental Jewelry

Dental jewelry is a tiny, discrete piece of jewelry designed to be bonded in your teeth in an aesthetic fashion with the purpose of enhancing the appearance of your smile. They can be made of gold, white gold, diamonds and precious stones. The cult of the perfect smile and sparkling teeth have even reached fashion designers who create trendy dental jewelry charms to go with your tooth gem. If you happen to raise your eyebrows, yes, dental jewelry charms are precious bracelets, necklaces and key rings with pretty dental motifs. You simply cannot resist them if you are up to dental jewelry!

Dental Jewelry Procedure

The dental jewelry bonding procedure is similar to an orthodontic bracket procedure, but it takes no more than 10 minutes. Practitioners of dental jewelry claim that there is no risk of damage nor allergies, the technique allows an easy removal, and does not impede the patients to clean the teeth thoroughly.

First, the dental specialist cleans the selected tooth with a polishing paste which is fluoride-free. In order to roughen the surface, the tooth is etched on gently. Then the bonding is applied with a light curing composite. Transparent, light cured and flowable composites are commonly used for this application.

The dental jewelry is set into the composite and aligned to the tooth. The curing process takes no longer than approximately 60 seconds.

In order to remove the dental jewelry, the medical specialist proceeds in the same way as the removal of an orthodontic bracket. Enamel is not harmed in the process.

After the removal, polishing is required, taking away the remaining bonding materials. For this purpose a scaler or rubber polisher is used. Some specialists treat the tooth with fluoride, to re-mineralize and stabilize the enamel.

There are professional, top-quality dental jewelry kits offered for dentists or beauty salons that contain every instrument needed for the procedure. Of course, there are cheaper, non-professional do-it-yourself versions, sold for much lower price.

 A professional dental jewelry kit usually contains:

  • dental jewelry (christals, molded or gems (precious stones))
  • bonding liquid
  • syringe with applicators
  • curing light unit
  • a carrying case
  • cotton tipped applicators
  • tweezers
  • eye protector
  • instructions of use

Dental Jewelry Recommendations

The use of invasive techniques performed by non-dental personnel constitutes an illegal practice in many countries. Before you decide to have dental jewelry performed, get informed on the multiple pathological problems (gum disease, damage to teeth, infection, tooth loss, etc.) and make sure that both procedures, fixing and removal, are performed by dental professional. Check the facility accreditation and if the personnel is comprised of licensed medical experts.