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Cryotherapy and Cryotherapy Wart Removal

 Creating a low temperature, cooling environment is a simple and efficient procedure that has been efficiently applied for centuries to relieve pain, and also to lesions or inflammations. 


Cryotherapy nowadays has a much more complex technological and medical background to address a variety of medical conditions:

  • Pain relief by freezing an irritated nerve

In case of nerve entrapment, nerve irritation, neuromas a probe that makes liquid nitrogen flow possible is inserted next to the nerve. The nerve is then temporarily frozen to relieve the irritation. 

  • Cryosurgery for localised cancer treatment
  • Destroy abnormal skin cells (e.g.: warts, cancer)

Cryotherpy is performed by exposing the affected area to liquid nitrogen for about a minute to destroy precancerous skin cells or to remove warts. You can ask your doctor for local anesthesia to avoid the unpleasant sensation of the cryotherapy treatment. After the superfreezing you might experience some changes in the skin colour and the texture, scares, red or purple blisters and rarely ulcers. 


Cryotherapy Wart Removal

It is the most commonly performed cryotherpy treatment that aims to freeze the wart and destroy the virus by applying liquid nitrogen with a probe, a cotton swab or a spraying instrument. 

Cryotherapy wart removal is quite painful, and pain might persist for 2-3 days, but it is a safe and usually successful way to treat the condition. There might be a need for repeated treatment to make sure the wart is fully removed, even from deeper areas of the skin. 

Healing after the treatment is usually progressive and spontaneous, no special medical follow-up care is required. However, some precautions are recommended:

  • Keep the area clean, but do not touch it with your hands.
  • If there is a blister, avoid skin contact, as the fluid might contain the wart virus and you can infect other areas
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Leave a recovery time of at least two weeks between cryotherapy treatment