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Medical Destinations


Medical and Health Destinations Worldwide

The Most Popular Medical Tourism Destinations and a few interesting anecdotes.

Africa and the Middle East

  • Bahrain – IVF clinics attract medical travelers from the Persian Gulf.
  • Iran – Nose jobs are done in Iran more than in the States.  
  • Israel – a tiny country boasts international medical facilities and top notch doctors.
  • Jordan – The King Hussain Cancer Center in Jordan is one of the biggest in the Middle East.
  • Mauritius – Medical tourists from the UK come for the crystal waters and the good medical clinics.
  • Qatar – Qataris can do cosmetic surgery with no extra costs, it’s funded by their Heath Fund Scheme.
  • Saudi Arabia – Ayurveda medicine is practiced on medical tourists.
  • South Africa – Medical tourists from the African continent, travel to South Africa for safari & surgery.
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam

The Americas

  • Argentina – Liposuction and Tummy Tuck are popular procedures done in Argentina.
  • Brazil – US citizens swarm to Brazil for plastic & cosmetic surgery.
  • Canada – Canada is a popular destination for many US medical travelers.
  • Colombia – Medical tourists pay a fraction of what they pay in Western counties.
  • Costa Rica – A perfect destination for  plastic surgery and a superb holiday.
  • Dominican Republic – The Dominican Assoc. of Health Tourism is doing its best to attract medical travelers.
  • El Salvador – Safer than before, ideal for a ‘paradise’ vacation plus operation.
  • Mexico – The Mexican Ministry of Health monitors all medical institutions that provide service to medical tourists.
  • Nicaragua – A safe country and appealing to medical travelers.
  • Panama – Many medical clinics have affiliations with US Medical Centers.
  • Puerto Rico – The currency in Puerto Rico is the US Dollar which is convenient to the US traveler.
  • United States – Top level medical staff performing all surgeries.
  • Venezuela – A high traffic destination for plastic surgery


  • Australia – Dermatology oncologists have years of experience due to many skin cancer cases in Australia.
  • Bangladesh – Excellent progress has been made to open first class hospitals in Dhaka.
  • China – The Chinese set foot also in the health tourism industry.
  • Hong Kong – Geographical closeness to China brings medical tourists for quality treatments.
  • India – Private medical clinics adhere to international standards.
  • Indonesia – Australians find Bali – Indonesia an attractive touristic place and a destination for cosmetic surgery.
  • Malaysia – Many Indonesians go to Malaysia for top-level medical treatments.
  • Pakistan – The best hair transplants done in South East Asia
  • Philippines – Filipinos’ warm hospitality & care taking are important for recovery.
  • Singapore – The healthcare system in Singapore is one of the best in the world.
  • South Korea – Boasts robotic surgery in all fields of medicine.
  • Taiwan – Ideal destination for Chinese travelers and other Asian citizens.
  • Thailand – Asia’s hub for cosmetic and plastic surgery is Thailand.
  • Japan – Excellent oncology innovative treatments.


  • Austria – Arab Muslims from the Middle East choose Austria as a perfect medical destination.
  • Belgium – The cost of hospitalization is lower than in the US & the UK, add to that qualified doctors.
  • Bulgaria – Well – maintained private clinics performing affordable cosmetic surgery.
  • Croatia – The hottest spot in Europe, not only for travelers but for medical travelers as well.
  • Czech Republic – Plastic surgery for medical tourists has doubled in recent years.
  • Cyprus – Close to three continents and popular for dental treatments.
  • Denmark – Cardiology treatment & surgery is superb.
  • Estonia – Scandinavians find Estonia an attractive medical location for inexpensive medical treatments.
  • France – Medicine in France is top-level in all branches.
  • Germany – Cheap flights, excellent medical services and inexpensive surgeries.
  • Greece – Thessaloniki in Greece has a state of the art international hospital.
  • Hungary – The dental hub for three decades now.
  • Ireland – A high-tech country with high tech medical technology.
  • Lithuania – Switched to Euro yet prices of medical treatments are still very attractive.
  • Poland – Warsaw, good for traveling and surgery – all with competitive prices.
  • Portugal – A prime tourist location with prime private medical clinics
  • Romania – Cheap spa resorts with thermal treatments after surgical intervention.
  • Russia – Ex –soviet citizens prefer Russia as a medical destination due to Russian speaking medical staff.
  • Serbia & Montenegro – Excellent mineral and thermal springs for healing purposes after surgery.
  • Slovakia – The tourist industry awaits the medical travelers due to increase of demand.
  • Slovenia – A combination of alternative treatments with surgery.
  • Spain – Low cost & high quality, perfect for European neighboring countries.
  • Switzerland 
  • Turkey – A strategic location between Europe and Asia for medical travelers is Turkey.
  • Ukraine