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Cosmetic in Argentina is the prime for medical tourists.

  •  medical tourism in ArgentinaMedical tourism in Argentina has become very popular for patients who seek professional treatment with a reasonable price. The mass of medical tourists who come for cosmetic surgery in Argentina such as tummy tuck and liposuction have increased immensely. Many people do cosmetic surgery in order to boost their self esteem; they want to improve their look and undergo liposuction and tummy tuck in Argentina which is considered as one of the best medical options for cosmetic surgery. Professionalism is the key work which describes cosmetic surgery in Argentina, starting from well equipped hospitals to skilled doctors. In overall world class cosmetic surgery is performed in Argentina due to skillful, licensed experienced staff.

  • Medical tourism in Argentina, especially cosmetic surgery is affordable for everyone. Why pay thousands of dollars when you can get a better liposuction surgery for less than half a price. Appearance is important to fit in the society we live in and therefore medical tourism in Argentina and especially plastic surgery has been prospering for the last fifteen years. The reputation of the doctors in Argentina is well known in the western world. Surgeons are required to undergo a strict training program in order to obtain a medical license and have to abide to the S.A.C.P.E.R., The Argentinean Plastic Surgery Society. Americans and British do not need a visa permit to Argentina. Prices of flights and accommodation are attainable. It is also a great destination to travel to.

  • The Argentinean government provides healthcare for its citizens. About fifty percent are covered by the governmental health insurance which is operated by municipal level. The fact that municipals are responsible for the health of its citizens creates a difference of treatment levels; remote places have less medical opportunities to receive high level of treatment. Long waiting lists for operations lead Argentineans to hold a private health insurance. Private hospitals and clinics are booming not only for the locals but also for medical tourists. Doctors are well trained and meet the requirements of any western country. Although Spanish is the spoken language, all medical staffs know English very well. Clinics and hospitals have the most advanced technology for any surgery.

  • Cosmetic surgeries in Argentina are the most prominent surgeries when it comes to medical tourism in Argentina. Liposuction in Argentina has increased over the years due to top class doctors and technology found in the clinics. Liposuction is in fact removal of fat from parts of the body mostly to improve the patients’ self image. Another popular operation is tummy tuck in Argentina. Tummy tuck surgery removes fat and skin from the abdomen. Patients who undergo this medical procedure are usually after giving many births or overweight patients.

  • Take advantage to tour around while going for plastic surgery in Argentina. Argentina is known for its stunning views. Buenos Aires the capital city is a very vibrant, cosmopolitan city. A walking tour through the neighborhoods of this beautiful city will give you a wide glimpse of this fascinating city and its architecture. Casa Rosada- the presidential Palace, cemetery de la Recoleta where you can find all the famous elite heroes buried. There are many free walking tours in this bustling city. Why not take tango lessons while you’re there or watch a tango show in the evening. A perfect day trip can bring you to Tigre Delta where you can stay in one of the ranches. The landscape is beautiful, green countryside with a complex of islands. You tour in the canals of the delta on a boat which is an experience of itself.
    Don’t miss Iguaçu Falls the UNESCO World Heritage site, a short flight from Buenos Aires will get you there. Iguaçu Falls is a must when visiting Argentina; you can reach the falls really close on well maintained catwalks.

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