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Enjoy first rate accessible medical treatments in Austria

  •  medical tourism in AustriaMedical tourism in Austria has become very popular in recent years. The advantage of traveling to Austria and undergoing surgeries in Austria attracts many medical travelers. Austria is known as achieving the No. 1 patient satisfaction record with regards to medical care. Surgeries in Austria are done by experienced doctors working in well equipped, modern medical institutions. Austria’s medical results are the most successful in Europe with medical travelers arriving from Europe and The United States to be taken care of by professional staff. Austria can be easily reached by air or by car from all over the world.

  • Medical tourism in Austria has been flourishing for years. Medical care in Austria is considered one of Europe’s best places to have medical treatments. Many people have surgeries in Austria and also have the opportunity to travel to this beautiful country. Not only is medical tourism in Austria affordable but you can rest much better in one of the guesthouses in Vienna, Salzburg or in the villages nearby. Why not take advantage of a peaceful holiday and combine it with medical treatments in Austria. The efficiency of the Austrian Medical Care is amazing, the standards of medical treatments in Austria have no competition in Europe.

  • Austria provides for its citizens a good healthcare system. Remote areas in Austria also benefit from good qualified medical staff and well equipped clinics and medical care. Citizens pay a contribution depending on their type of employment and income. Medical care in Austria includes dental care and visits to specialists. People from EU countries are also entitled for medical treatments in Austria, they need to fill out an E-111 form from their home country. There are many doctors in Austria who speak foreign languages and one can be appointed to these doctors. Hospital in Austria have an exceptional reputation. All medical doctors must be available for all citizens regardless of their income.

  • Austria boasts excellent surgical interventions in all the fields of medicine. Fertility treatments, orthopedic, eye surgeries, bariatric surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, complicated cardiology surgeries, and plastic surgeries. All cosmetic surgeries include facial surgery and body surgery. Cancer surgeries and treatments related to cancer are also popular amongst medical tourists coming to Austria.

  • Austria is a wonderful place to travel to. Located in the center of Europe and has boarders with Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Italy and Liechtenstein. The Alps are beautiful to explore in summer and to ski in winter. Salzburg, the city of Mozart is a wonderful place to stroll around, see the 900 year old fortress and do an historical walk through the streets. Vienna is just a jewel; beautiful architecture, gardens and baroque castles make the city a splendid holiday. Don’t miss Schonbrunn Palace, very impressive indeed. The Austrian cuisine is also great! Wiener schnitzel and bread dumplings with bacon are a delight. Medical treatment in Austria is a great opportunity to combine travel to one of the best European counties in Europe.

5 / 5 stars
Maryam Odwan
Destination Austria
Two weeks ago I go to Austria to brivate clinic to fix my face . I am fifty one, married. I do some cosmetic repairs facelift and smooth my skin from brown marks from sun. The hospital was VIMC in Vienna, my sister in law also go to VIMC, very nice and good job, I look like young now
on 12/24/2013
5 / 5 stars
Kefaya Zahrani
Destination Austria
I am eighteen living in Saudi Arabia and half time in London. I am going to Austria to have cosmetic procedures done before I return home. My two best freinds went las year and had some cosmetic procedures done. My brother is escorting me with his wife, I am planning to do cheek implant and eyelid to open my small eyes, my freinds came back with nice features so after seeingthe resaults my father also allowed me to go
Saudia Arabia

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