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  •  medical tourism in BelgiumA substantial number of people travel to Belgium for obesity surgery such as bariatric surgery (weight loss for obese people) with a gastric band and breast surgery. Cosmetic surgery in Belgium is also popular with medical tourists.
    Belgium’s medical institutions are also known for their excellent fertility clinics. Belgium boasts exceptional range of medical clinics and hospitals around the country. Belgium surgery services are well equipped with modern facilities. Medical travelers avoid the long waiting lists for medical interventions. The comfort of being hospitalized in Belgium and having cosmetic surgery or fertility treatments appeals to many medical travelers from all over the world. Doctors are well trained and experienced. All medical institutions are set to absorb the many medical travelers who come to Belgium for medical treatments. The cost of hospitalization in Belgium is 40% lower than in the UK or the US which makes it a very attractive destination for medical tourists.

  • Belgium is an ideal destination for the medical traveler. Surgery services in Belgium are affordable and are at a low cost of 42% in comparison with other European countries and the US. Statistics show that secondary complications after surgeries are the lowest reported in the world. Travel and stay in Belgium is cost effective; Belgium is connected by air or by car to many European countries; you can get a charter flight from almost every city in Europe. Doctors and nurses all speak English and are committed to their work; they are experienced doctors who have done years of training in all fields of obesity surgery and breast surgery. Modern facilities are well known in Belgium including sophisticates laboratories for fertility clinics.

  • Belgium has a very high healthcare system in the country. Remote places also have good quality of medical care. Doctors are experienced and often travel to the US or the UK to undergo additional training. In Belgium you cannot find long waiting lists, Belgium citizens can call their GP directly. Medical institutions are modern and have the latest technologies in the world. Belgium is known for the lowest post- operative complications in Europe due to the modern facilities. Maternity wards are known in Belgium for their special care of mother and baby. Mother’s who gave birth stay in hospital with special nurses giving guidance to new mothers.

  • Belgium surgery services include cosmetic surgery, gastric band surgery which is considered the safest operation when it comes to weight loss. Breast surgery is also done in medical institutions around Belgium due to skillful experienced doctors. In general, knowledgeable doctors can perform complicated surgery in all aspects of medicine. Belgium is the number one country where fertility clinics are successfully operational to many Europeans.

  • If you are a beer lover and appreciate good chocolate, then Belgium is the place for you. Patients who come to Belgium for surgery services can take advantage and explore this beautiful country. Its cuisine is well known in the world offering mouthwatering dishes in dainty restaurants. Museums and shopping are superb in Brussels. No trip is completed without going to Bruges and Ghent, a short drive from Brussels. Ghent has great architecture from the middle ages. Bruges has a canal system which you can cruise for a couple of hours. Stroll down the cobbled streets and buy some lace from the famous shops. Enjoy the market square or the many fine chocolate shops. Accommodation in Belgium is inexpensive and caters medical tourists who come to the country not only for surgery but also for travel.

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