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Plastic surgery in Brazil - The largest market.

  • Medical Tourism in Brazil

    Brazil offers the medical traveler the best options for cosmetic surgery. Brazilian liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift and other surgeries are performed day by day to thousands of medical travelers. Health tourism in Brazil is a prime location for many Americans, Europeans and other residents of neighboring countries. Private hospitals in Brazil are top rated, all staff speak English as a second language. It is very difficult to become a doctor in Brazil, one needs to complete eleven years of study. The Ministry of Health in Brazil holds all the credentials of all doctors, which can be verified by medical travelers. Low cost is also a major factor in choosing Brazil as a medical destination.

  • There are no waiting lists when it comes to health tourism in Brazil. All travel and medical arrangements following consultation with medical experts and doctors are done promptly. Top plastic surgeons from all over the world choose to operate in Brazil. Cosmetic surgery in Brazil is considered to be the gateway to all medical travelers who seek to be in the hands of surgeons. Plastic surgery in Brazil is cost saving to Americans and Europeans. Surgery plus hospitalization will come up to 60% less than having the operation in one’s own country. Brazil, a beautiful place to travel to is a good opportunity for the medical traveler to take a vacation and enjoy the wonders Brazil has to offer.

  • In the year 1988 the Brazilian Constitution decided that all citizens would receive medical care, even those who couldn’t afford contribution to health funds. Brazilians who can afford to pay for a private health fund usually do so. Those privately insured can go to private health centers which are at a high standard. Those who haven’t got money to pay for medical insurance, go to public hospitals and public doctors. All Brazilians can use public healthcare although it is much preferred to have a private health insurance. Private hospitals have the latest technologies whilst public hospitals are very crowded and lack professional staff. Brazil faces illnesses of modern life such as diabetes and obesity among its young people. 

  • Cosmetic surgeries in Brazil are the leading medical procedures performed in hospitals. Liposuction, tummy tuck, Brazilian lift and facelift are done by hundreds on a daily basis. Cardiac surgery, dental treatments and gynecology fertility treatments are also operations at highest demands in Brazil. Health tourism in Brazil offers any surgery available in Western countries.

  • Brazil has around five million tourists a year and is a growing tourist industry. It’s a huge country and a beautiful one too. Sao Paolo is a vibrant city with lots to do and see. The historic downtown, Paulista Avenue, an important financial center with luxurious streets, Liberdade, a neighborhood of Japanese community is a very colorful, interesting and diverse place to visit.
    Rio De Janeiro is a must when traveling to Brazil. Take a helicopter flight to see the city from above. In the evening go and see a samba show, it is definitely compulsory for travelers in Brazil, don’t forget your dancing shoes! Take an island cruise around Guanabara Bay and have lunch on board. Corcovado Mountain and Christ redeemer statue is breathtaking.

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