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Medical tourism in Bulgaria is happening now

  •  medical tourism in BulgariaBulgaria boasts excellent private medical institutions; outpatient clinics and hospitals for the many medical travelers traveling to the country for medical purposes. Dental treatments are considered to be one of the best in Europe and prices are very tempting. Bulgarian medical staff are trained in a very extensive program, they have to participate in ongoing training even when completing their studies. Cosmetic surgery is top-level; many medical tourists have their liposuction or nose job done in the many medical clinics. Major hospitals are in the capital city. Many doctors study in Germany and return to Sophia to work in the medical force.

  • The cost of surgeries in Bulgaria are cheaper than European countries and even more cheaper than in the UK and the US, this derives from the fact that in Bulgaria, salaries are very low. Medical tourists see the potential of low cost plus excellent quality of dental treatments, cosmetic surgery and other surgical intervention. Why talk a loan if you can ‘do it all’ in a relatively inexpensive price. Flights to Bulgaria are cheap, Sophia is close to many destinations in Europe. Accommodation after surgical intervention is superb. One can make the healing process a true relaxed vacation.

  • Bulgarians pay a contribution out of their wages to the National Health Insurance Fund. All citizens receive medical healthcare and are entitled to go to doctors who have a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund. Doctors are well trained in all fields of medicine. In order to see a specialist one needs a referral from a General Practitioner. Private clinics have been prospering in recent years, if one holds a private insurance he can choose which medical institution to go to. Medical tourists come for many inexpensive treatments. Remote villages have a problem if in need of a hospital, major hospitals are only in major cities.

  • Bulgaria boasts excellent medical procedures. The major treatments are in the field of dentistry and aesthetic surgery. Orthopedic treatments and surgeries in Bulgaria are also very good.

  • Bulgaria is a delightful country to visit, you can find everything a good vacation has to offer. Beautiful beaches, remote villages, bustling cities, hiking in the mountains, relaxing and visiting the fabulous monasteries and churches dotted in the country. Vitosha Boulevard in Sophia is great to explore by foot. Alexander Nevski Square has open markets, stop for coffee in the many cafes in the city. After you’ve has enough of the city, go and explore the mountains. Vitosha Mountain is not far from Sophia and is a great day’s visit. There are routes for bike riders or take a gondola up the mountain. No matter how you go, if it’s by car or by foot, you would love the scenery. There are restaurants along the way. It is fully worth to visit Bulgaria.

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