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  •  medical tourism in CanadaMedical tourism in Canada is in great demand in recent years. Doctors and medical staff are considered to be top class when it comes to professionalism and experience. Robotic surgery in Canada is well known for its advanced technologies in all fields of medicine. Cataract surgery and lasik eye surgery (surgery for vision correction) in Canada has brought thousands of medical tourists to Canada and are affordable to the medical traveler who seeks competitive prices with professional medical treatments. Bariatric surgery for loss of weight has become the number one location in medical tourism to Canada and has opened many opportunities for patients who couldn’t afford such operation in their home country.

  • Medical tourism in Canada is based mostly on citizens from the US. Surgical tourism in Canada is half price than what you will find in the US. The popularity of traveling for surgery in combination with exploring Canada, appeals to many Americans. The standard of hospitalization is high in Canada; cosmetic surgeries in Canada, bariatric surgery and various eye operations such as lasik eye surgery and cataract are the most in demand when it comes to medical tourism in Canada. There are thirty hospitals in Toronto, let us help you choose the best options for you when it comes to determining which hospital and specialist will perform the surgery.

  • All Canadian citizens are covered under the government’s health care system. The healthcare is funded and is ministered by provincial basis. All Canadian citizens enjoy good health care treatments including dentistry. A health card is provided to each individual which provides coverage for the particular province or territory they live in. Medical services include surgery and preventative health treatments. There has always been a debate in Canada whether they should adopt the American way of health insurance (a privatized health system) yet no changes to the system has been done. In overall, Canadian citizens enjoy professional medical treatments and are satisfied with the system they have.

  • Robotic surgery in Canada has advanced over the years, experienced doctors use this method in all fields of surgery and have great success. Cosmetic surgery in Canada is considered prime surgery for citizens and medical tourists due to well –trained doctors and supportive staff. All eye treatments such as lasik eye surgery and cataracts are done by well renowned doctors in this field. Bariatric surgery in Canada is also popular due to many cases of obesity; Canada has the number one experts in this field of medicine. All other complicated surgeries are done in Canada in an excellent medical and health care system.

  • Canada is a great country to visit. Although in winter it is very cold, summer is just beautiful. Toronto is a cosmopolitan city with many attractions; The CN Tower is a must for tourists, the view from above is breathtaking. Museums, shopping centers, fine restaurants and theatres, all make Toronto a vibrant attractive city. Why don’t you take an internal flight to Vancouver and see the Grouse Mountain, English bay and Gastown the oldest district in Vancouver. You can drive or take a flight to The National Park of Banff and Jasper and explore the Rockies Mountains. Accommodation is inexpensive and food is superb.

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