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Chinese plastic surgery is emerging

  •  medical tourism in ChinaMedical tourism in China is aiming to be a significant location for medical travelers who look for fast and efficient surgery such as plastic and cosmetic surgery done by skilled doctors in good hospitals. China who has a lot to offer the Western World is taking part in the medical tourism industry in recent years. The excellent quality of service with affordable prices attracts many medical travelers to China, especially from the neighboring countries but also attract many western employers who are located in China. Cosmetic surgery in China is a well -known practice done in high standards of health clinics and hospitals.

  • Chinese plastic surgery and other medical treatments offer complete satisfaction for the medical traveler. Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities offer cutting edge hospitals and skilled medical staff. The Chinese government supports medical tourism to China which gives the medical industry a big promotion. Medical travelers pay less than half price for surgery in China. Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery include nose jobs, facelifts, arm lifts, breast augmentation and cheek and chin implants. All hospitals and medical institutions provide a personal translator for the convenience of the medical traveler. Rehabilitation centers after surgery are also available at first class locations close to the hospitals.

  • Healthcare in China has improved over the years although it still has a big challenge in rural areas. Life expectancy has doubled and infant mortality has decreased over the years. ‘Healthy China 2020’ is a health scheme of the Chinese government to implement good preventative health schemes and health care in urban areas. Urbanism in China is influenced by the modern world and way of life and in such have modern health problems like obesity, diabetic and other illnesses of the Western life.
    The Chinese government is trying to educate Chinese for physical activity and to go on a healthy food cuisine. China has a history of traditional medicine and still uses the traditional medicine in many health care clinics. There are very good medical schools in China; you can find students from all over the world come to these universities in order to study medicine.

  • Chinese plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are a leading profession in the past few years. Doctors find this internship attractive like in all western countries due to the large demand of plastic surgery. Surgery in China is also in the fields of orthopedics, gynecology and other fields of medicine.

  • Medical tourists who come to China, to Shanghai are in for a surprise. It sure is a beautiful city. Go to the Jade Buddha Temple where you can see amazing statues from Burma. The silk factory shows you how the Chinese make silk, Shanghai Old Street and Yuyuan gardens. Go to the People Square and Shanghai Museum. You can go to two unique old towns close by and see how the Chinese live as if time has never gone by. You cannot visit China without seeing The Great Wall in Beijing. Go to Lama Temple and Tiananmen Square. There are great Chinese spas which one can do many massages. Get ready to eat rice and noodles from shacks in the street to superb restaurants.

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