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Costa Rica

Medical tourism in Costa Rica – top notch destination

  •  medical tourism in Costa RicaCosta Rica is one of the most dominant destinations when it comes to plastic surgeries and bariatric surgeries. This superior destination has all what it takes to be a perfect destination for surgery and a superb holiday. No wonder that US citizens and all others around the globe book themselves to one of Costa Rica’s hospitals and medical clinics and undergo surgery. The supportive care one gets while in Costa Rica is one of a kind; from medical consultation to hospitalization and recovery. The infrastructure of the medical institutions are excellent, modern and appealing. All surgeries are affordable, within reasonable prices to the medical traveler. Why not choose this attractive place to have your appearance done.

  • Costa Rica is only a couple of hours away from the States which makes it very convenient for medical travelers from Florida who have to fly back after medical treatment. Since the medical tourism industry is booming, many resorts and hotels have experience catering the thousands of medical tourists and know their special needs.
    Costa Rican doctors are skilled and meet the standards of western world doctors. Many of them practiced in the US. Plastic surgery and liposuction surgery in Costa Rica are the most common surgeries performed on medical tourists. Successful outcomes of surgeries is what brings the medical travelers to do these surgeries in highest standards of medical institutions. Most private hospitals and clinics have US accreditation.

  • In Costa Rica the public and private healthcare work simultaneously. The public system’s flaw is that there are endless waiting lines although treatment is considered good.
    As for the private healthcare, you can get immediate heath service, if it’s doctor appointments or private hospitalization for medical procedures. As for emergency, many Costa Ricans would prefer to go to public hospitals knowing that the most experienced doctors are there to attend you. Caja is the government health system and all residents and expats can become members and receive good quality of healthcare.

  • Plastic surgery including liposuction in Costa Rica is one of the most common surgeries among medical travelers. Plastic surgeons are top-level when it comes to the operating table. You can also find other departments which are excellent such as orthopedic, bariatric, gynecology and so on.

  • Paradise beaches and amazing rainforests in a safe environment attracts travelers to Costa Rica. Go and see nature at its best, waterfalls, coffee plantations, thick dense forests, Tortuguero National Park and its hidden wonders of lagoons and canals. You can go canoeing, white water rafting, snorkeling and gliding up the treetops of the rainforests which is called canopy tours. Costa Rica is an uppermost location for a fun vacation with breathtaking views. Hotels and all- inclusive resorts are superb, exceptional service and the beautiful beaches make it a unique holiday for relaxation and outdoor activities. Costa Rica has excellent sea food and tropical fruits. Don’t forget to stop on the way and buy a fresh coconut from the local people, they will cut the edge and stick a straw, all you have to do is to sip in.

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