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Cosmetic in Argentina is the prime for medical tourists.

  •  medical tourism in CroatiaFor the last decade, Croatia has been the hottest tourist destination in Europe. This beautiful country boasts breathtaking scenery. The combination of having surgery and a vacation, all in one place has become very attractive to the travelers and therefore medical tourism is flourishing and has increased over the years. Attractive prices are also a major factor when thinking about the pros and cons of having surgery or medical treatments in Croatia. Excellent private medical clinics and other medical institutions are existent for the medical traveler with professional medical staff working around the clock. The infrastructure of these clinics are modern and are well equipped.

  • Doctors in Croatia are well-trained in all fields of medicine. Flights to Croatia are relatively cheap from all European major cities. There are also many charter flights landing in Croatia. Competitive prices and excellent medical treatment is a perfect combination that medical travelers ‘take advantage of’. All dental costs are inexpensive in comparison to dental treatments in Western Europe. Whether you come for a cosmetic procedure or a more complex surgery, you will find that as a medical traveler you’ll receive first class service with superior accommodation. Croatia is a good place to relax after surgical intervention, the tranquility and the calmness of the place makes your recovery a successful one.

  • Croatia’s health system is doing pretty well. Croatian employees make a contribution taken out of their wages and benefit from good standards of health. They can choose their GP. If in need of a specialist, they must obtain a referral from their doctor. Hospitals and other medical institutions exist in every city and town; they are government owned. As for dental treatments, Croatians have to pay privately. There is an increase in private medicine in the past years, doctors open private medical clinics although strict regulations are being enforced and they have to get a permit from the Ministry of Health.

  • Medical travelers come for cosmetic surgery and dental treatments yet all branches of medicine are available for the medical traveler.

  • Croatia, a delightful country to tour! The scenery, the wonderful old towns, the food and the nightlife, the lakes and the hospitality of its people. Plitvice Lakes are one of the most amazing wonders in the world, only a couple of hours from Zagreb. There are many nature trails in the area, waterfalls and catwalk trails. I would recommend to stay a couple of nights in the area. The Istria peninsula is like you’ve gone back in time; the vineyards, the little medieval towns with cobblestone streets. Dubrovnik in the South of Croatia is a true gem. This walled city and the old town is great to explore with its churches, cathedral, palaces, monasteries and museums. Croatia is one of the most attractive spots in Europe nowadays.

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