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  •  medical tourism in CyprusMedical tourism in Cyprus has increased immensely due to the perfect location of the island and what it has to offer for the medical traveler. In Cyprus there are no medical schools which means that all doctors go abroad to study medicine. Doctors usually go the UK and come back with a wide range of knowledge in all fields of medicine. Hospitals are considered at a high standard with reduced risks of infections after medical interventions. Medical treatments in Cyprus are cost effective for potential medical travelers taking in account the wonderful places for rehabilitation after surgery.

  • Medical tourism in Cyprus has become a prime location for medical travelers coming from Europe, Asia and Africa. Prices of surgeries are 50% less than medical treatments in European countries. Travel options are convenient and accessible from all European airports, including cheap charter flights. Cyprus is a popular tourist destination; one can combine travel with readily available medical treatments. Once you set an appointment for an operation, all you have to do is get on the plane, all arrangements will be done the minute you land in this fascinating island including accommodation before and after surgical intervention. All staff speak English, laboratories are known for their first class services.

  • Cyprus has eight hospitals in the island and a couple of health clinics scattered around the island. Nicosia the capital city has the most prominent hospitals, one of them is for mother and child. In Cyprus you can find public and private doctors. Public doctors work in public hospitals which means long waiting lists for medical treatments and surgeries. If you wish to have an appointment with a private doctor, you will have to pay him directly. Many English Speakers in Cyprus tend to go to private doctors who set a date for any medical treatment needed. Cyprus has good laboratories for blood tests and it is the patient who can decide to which laboratory he wants his tests to be done.

  • Medical treatments in Cyprus are diverse. Dental options are very popular in Cyprus, many medical tourists come for dental treatments from all over Europe. Dentists are well trained and are very knowledgeable in all dentistry aspects. Cosmetic surgery also has a high demand for the medical traveler. Medical treatments in Cyprus such as liposuction or tummy tuck surgery have increased during the years due to skillful doctors in this field. There are doctors who specialize in laparoscopic interventions for various surgeries. Complicated surgeries are also being carried out in private hospitals; spinal operations to bariatric operations. IVF fertilization has become popular due to long waiting lists in major European cities. Clinics in Cyprus for IVF are modern and have up to date technology.

  • Cyprus is close to three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia, and therefore an excellent location for many travelers to tour this beautiful island. Wonderful beaches, hilly mountains and picturesque villages with old women wearing black, weaving laced tablecloths. Exquisite churches in remote villages and modern cities make it a perfect location for a holiday. The archeological park at Paphos has marvelous mosaic floors and dated to the Roman period. Accommodation in Ayia Napa, Paphos, Limassol is superb ranging from five star hotels to private villas catered for couples or family with children. Renting a car is the best way to explore the island.

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