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Czech Republic

  •  medical tourism in Czech RepublicCzech Republic is boarded by Poland, Germany, Slovakia and Austria; therefore a convenient location for medical tourists. Czech medicine has made a great step to meet the Western world health standards, therefore medical tourism in Czech Republic has doubled and is still growing due to comfortable prices, special healthcare for the medical traveler and skilled doctors. Plastic surgery in Czech Republic is done in private medical institutions and are performed by well-trained plastic surgeons. Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe, it’s a great opportunity to travel around before a surgical intervention.

  • Medical tourism in Czech Republic has grown recently. Why pay more when you can pay less for plastic surgery. Why not benefit from an experienced medical system which includes knowledgeable plastic surgeons, first rate hospitals and first class rehabilitation accommodation. Czech Republic is in the heart of Europe, no need to book months in advance; professional staff along with the medical traveler goes through pre- consultation and can be appointed in a couple of days. There are no waiting lined when it comes to medical travel in Czech Republic. Patients are admitted upon their arrival by supportive staff. The standard of hospitals and other medical institutions are in line with Western standards.

  • All Czech citizens aside from children, pensioners or disabled citizens have to make a contribution to a state approved medical insurance fund. Health conditions in Czech Republic has improved over the years. Medical clinics and hospitals are modern and fully equipped with latest technologies. Doctors have a contract with the insurance company; every insured citizen must choose a doctor which works with the insurance company. Doctors inform the insurance company of any treatment given to their patient and the later gets reimbursed by the insurance company. Doctors also hand a letter of admission to a patient if needs hospitalization. Patients do not pay directly to the hospitals.

  • Plastic surgery in Czech Republic is world renowned. Czech Republic is considered to be one of the top eight countries for successful plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons offer excellent operation skills for medical travelers to Czech Republic. Approximately 27% of all plastic surgeries are performed on medical travelers. You can also find medical tourism in Czech Republic for weight loss operations, dentistry, oncology, various eye operation and fertility treatments.

  • Prague is a gem! One of the most beautiful cities in the world. Walking in the streets, sitting in one of the many cafes is true pleasure. Charles Bridge, the old town square, the Jewish Quarter, Prague castle. Every corner you turn to in Prague is so unique, so enchanting. Why not listen to classical music at one of the squares or the Cathedrals in the city. You can also visit Karlovy Vary a beautiful spa town with interesting architecture. Another day’s trip is to a small town called Karlstejn (a train ride from Prague). You can climb to the impressive castle or take a horse ride if you don’t feel like walking. Czech cuisine always goes with Czech beer which is a delight.

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