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Dominican Republic

Medical tourism in Dominican Republic is emerging

  •  medical tourism in Dominican RepublicMedical tourism in Dominican Republic has grown immensely due to attractive package deals which one can buy. Package deals include plastic or cosmetic surgery (rhinoplasty or tummy tuck) and a luxurious spa resort or hotel in this beautiful country.
    Many US residents have discovered this destination as a preferred location for plastic surgery. US medical travelers save up to 60% off, including airfare and accommodation. Doctors in Dominican Republic are considered to be well –trained; many of them studied abroad and came back to practice in The Dominican Republic. Private hospitals and clinics are fully equipped with modern facilities. The Dominican Assoc. of Health Tourism is doing its best to attract medical tourists to the country, they work with all relevant factors in order to make the Dominican Republic a key destination for medical tourists.

  • If you want a nose job (rhinoplasty) or a tummy tuck surgery and costs are too high in your country of origin, why not travel to the Dominican Republic with affordable prices and get it done in a professional clinic. You can save a lot of money and enjoy a five star vacation as well.
    Don’t give up your life savings in order to fulfill your dream to change your appearance; if it’s for tummy tuck surgery or rhinoplasty surgery or any other plastic surgery. The Dominican Republic is known for the good quality of medical staff. Doctors are trained in good medical schools and are well known in all of the Caribbean islands.

  • The Dominican Republic has three healthcare systems in place. The poor people who cannot afford paying any medical contribution are under a socialized system and pay a minimum wage for medical services although technically it should be free of charge.
    Citizens who work but earn less than RD $4000, pay for social security and are covered by the Dominican Republic government and receive public healthcare.
    The upper class have private medical insurance and benefit from modern medical institutions and excellent medical staff. The Dominican Republic is known for its state of the art private clinics and hospitals. It is the center of the Caribbean for plastic surgery and other medical treatments.

  • Plastic and cosmetic surgeries in Dominican Republic are popular procedures among medical tourists, especially for US and UK citizens. All weight loss surgeries; tummy tuck, gastric band Lap band and other surgeries are performed in the many private clinics.
    Private medical institutions are also experts in gynecology, orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery and urology.
    Dominican Republic is also a center of all the Caribbean islands for many medical treatments and surgeries.

  • The Dominican Republic is an ideal vacation for travelers. The beaches, the food, the luxury hotels, no wonder that many celebrities choose to spend their holiday in the Dominican Republic. Either you go to Puerto Plata or Punta Cana, beautiful rolling hills of coffee plantations and green mountains. The sand is white and the water has a stunning turquoise color, what can be better than to have a medical intervention and then recuperation in such a setting. Spa resorts are well-known for their first class standard. The food is a blend of African, Spanish and Indian, try it out while you’re there; just be careful it can be very spicy!

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