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El Salvador

Medical tourism in El Salvador has come a long way

  •  medical tourism in El SalvadorEl Salvador is becoming a medical tourism hub for US medical traveler who want to pay less money for good quality of medical treatments. Plastic surgeries in El Salvador are done in private hospitals with well-equipped technology. Dental treatments and dental implants are also popular among patients coming from abroad. Many flights reach San Salvador from the US and other neighboring countries. Accommodation is comparatively cheaper than in western countries which is also a factor when taking in consideration surgery in El Salvador. Many medical tourists who come to El Salvador for a ‘paradise like’ vacation take advantage of the cheap plastic and cosmetic surgeries performed by skilled plastic surgeons.

  • El Salvador has excellent clinics for cosmetic and plastic surgery. El Salvador is safer than it was years ago and medical travelers can enjoy this amazingly beautiful country. Prices are cost effective; medical travelers from the US can save up to more than 60% of the actual price paid at their country of origin.
    Medical travelers can recuperate in a peaceful location with full confidentiality at one of the beautiful resorts in Sal Salvador. Special nurses assist the medical patient after surgical procedure and assist in all other planning of further touristic attractions. Medical staff have wide experience in plastic surgeries and dental treatments which gives the patients a peace of mind.

  • The healthcare System in El Salvador is divided to two: private healthcare which the rich people can afford. Doctors are of a high standard and so are surgical treatments and all other medical related treatments such as lab tests etc… Rural and urban areas which use the public health care system have many complaints, rightfully one can say, due to a poor system in place. In rural areas you cannot find a doctor on the weekend because doctors can live four hours away in a different town. In urban areas one can wait long hours before receiving any treatment due to many patients waiting to be examined by a doctor or to be hospitalized. There are workers who are hired by the government to go to villages and to teach the villagers about health risks yet this health scheme hasn’t had much success.

  • El Salvador has good clinics for plastic and cosmetic surgery. All types of plastic and cosmetic surgeries are performed such as nose jobs, breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck. Dental implants and other dental treatments are also procedures which are done in excellent clinics.

  • El Salvador is a small country with amazing beaches. San Salvador the capital is a lovely city with great markets. Situate yourself in La Paz, a province of Sal Salvador where the beaches are absolutely wonderful. There are national parks and national reserves with green hills and hundreds of butterfly and bird species. Trek the most attractive route, up to the Izalco Volcano Mountain and see the views from above. Don’t miss the Mayan Ruins but be sure to take a guide to explain you the archeological site. You have many spa resorts with superb food and hospitality which gives travelers and especially medical travelers a good relaxation before heading home.

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