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Medical treatment in Estonia, competitive prices for Europeans

  •  medical tourism in EstoniaEstonia has developed within a couple of years’ professional medical centers; private hospitals and clinics in order to cater for medical tourists coming to Estonia for medical treatments such as plastic surgery and other medical treatments. Norwegians, Finnish, Swedish and Germans are coming to Estonia due to competitive prices and excellent medical services. High quality medical treatments are processed in Estonia in excellent hospitals. The cost of medical treatments can sometimes come to 50%-70% less than other European countries. Managers of healthcare facilities have come up to meet the standards of top world standards in the health industry. Estonian doctors study at Tartu University which is highly regarded in Scandinavia.

  • Medical tourism in Estonia has grown to being popular for a number of reasons; doctors are considered to be very professional, well trained; usually they work in Scandinavian countries and gain experience in their field. The low cost of hospitalization and rehabilitation in Estonia attracts many medical tourists. Surgery is not only cost effective but excellent as well. English is well spoken by all medical staff. Tallinn the capital city is close to many attractions, patients do not have be moved after medical intervention too much. There are beautiful inexpensive spas when considering rehabilitation after surgery which enables the medical tourists to recuperate.

  • The Estonian Health Insurance Funds (EHIF) deals with all the health insurance of Estonian citizens. Estonians who pay taxes are insured and receive an ID number. Every citizen has a general practitioner whom he can call and set an appointment. In case of emergency, one can go a hospital’s emergency reception. With regards to dental treatments, all Estonians less than nineteen year old have free dental treatments, all adults do have to pay for dental treatments. The Estonian Health Insurance Funds cover surgeries, doctor appointments and preventative procedures. Estonian healthcare has come a long way in recent years. Maternity wards are one of the best in Europe and overall the health conditions are of Western standards.

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  • If you want to experience what it was like in the old ages, you will have a wonderful experience exploring Tallinn the capital of Estonia. The narrow cobbles streets are like a maze that you can get lost in. Little shops and fine restaurants are set in the narrow streets which makes it a unique adventure. Tallinn can be reached from major cities in Europe or a day’s trip from Helsinki by boat. Climb up the hill to see the impressive Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin. A bike tour is also optional to see this medieval city. If you want a day’s trip outside of Tallinn you can travel to Paldiski a town with limestone cliffs.

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