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Medical tourism in France - international renowned surgery

  •  medical tourism in FranceFrance has a strong economy and is a very dominant country in Europe. France boasts cutting edge medical facilities with excellent surgeons who undergo extensive medical training of eleven years. Cosmetic surgery in France has become the backbone of all cosmetic treatments in Europe. For Europeans travel options are cheap, European medical travelers can travel by car to France. As for prices of surgeries, France is less expensive than the US of about 40% which is pretty substantial. AS for UK citizens, prices are affordable in comparison with UK fee for cosmetic surgeries. Medical tourism in France has great potential to be an uprising industry.

  • France is one of the leading destinations in Europe and in the world for tourism. Why not combine travel to this magnificent country with cosmetic surgery or weight loss surgery. Take advantage of your vacation and shape your appearance, relax after surgical treatment in Paris or in the beautiful countryside. Medical clinics are superb, very modern and cater the medical tourists with the upmost professional care. Although in France the spoken language is French, medical staff do know English and if not, medical clinics will provide you with an interpreter. There are simply no waiting lists to undergo surgeries or medical treatments, all you have to do is book a week ahead.

  • France has excellent healthcare system for its citizens. French citizens contribute to the health system (employers and employees) and benefit from a wide range of health services. In order to visit a general practitioner there is a co-payment of about 25 Euros. If one wants to see a specialist, he /she has to obtain a referral from the GP and then get a full reimbursement from the Health fund. There are public hospitals and medical clinics which are usually private. In overall, one can envy the health system in France although in recent years due to the ageing of society, the Health Program needs additional allocations from the governments.

  • When it comes to medical procedures, France is leading the way in diagnosis methods, research, lab tests, CT, MRI and advanced surgical interventions. Due to a great demand for cosmetic and plastic surgeries, plastic surgeons are top class surgeons and are well-qualified. Weight loss surgeries are also trendy in recent years and are renowned in medical clinics all over France.

  • What can be said about Paris which hasn’t been said before… book yourself in one of the boutique hotels in the Latin Quarter or in one of the big hotels. Take a guide to the Louvre Museum and stroll down Champs Elysees until you reach the Arc De Triumph. Take a train to Versailles and don’t miss the Eiffel Tower. If you don’t fancy doing all the sightseeing touristic stuff then just sit in one of the many cafes and brasseries and enjoy the elegant atmosphere. French cuisine is well-known for its wonderful recipes, try out the Michelin-starred restaurants. You can also visit the Champagne region and visit the most famous Champagne houses.

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