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Medical tourism in Germany - high quality of health

  •  medical tourism in GermanyGermany boasts the best hospitals in Europe. Germany’s location is very convenient to both Western and Eastern European countries. Middle Eastern travel patients come to Germany for many medical treatments because there are simply no waiting lists when it comes to medical tourism in Germany.
    There are many modern, well-equipped hospitals, medical clinics and other medical institutions which the medical traveler can choose from. Top quality of medical staff and Germany’s reliable medical treatment makes it a suitable destination for many travelers around the globe. As for prices, medical treatments in Germany are about 40%-60% less than in the US. The quality of health tourism in Germany is top class.

  • Germany is known to have excellent medical institutions, research clinics and labs. Germany’s best hospitals use modern equipment and are very innovative in all the medical fields. Flights to Germany are all year round, cheap and comfortable, reaching almost every major city in the country. Although German is the official language, medical staff speak very well English, French and other languages. Rehabilitation facilities is also first class in Germany , beautiful spa resorts which include health treatments or fine hotels in a comfortable environment completes the medical traveler’s operation plus vacation to be a perfect deal. Germany’s health tourism is increasing, hospitals in Germany are prepared for it.

  • All Germans are covered by public healthcare. German citizens who are employed have to contribute around 15% from their pay and the employer contributes around 7%. The healthcare they receive is of good standard but you can find waiting lines in the public healthcare. Self- employed citizens and Germans earning a high salary are entitled to apply for private health insurance. In order for one to own a private health insurance, a questionnaire needs to be filled out. Many Germans have an additional health insurance for dental treatments. As for prescription of drugs, those who are covered by the public health scheme pay only 10% of the actual price of drugs.

  • Germany has excellent departments for all types of surgery; from complex surgical interventions to cosmetic and plastic surgery. Heart and vascular surgery, spinal surgery, urology, orthopedics, bariatric surgery, neurosurgery and so on. Medical diagnosis such as MRI, CT scan are also done as part of medical consultations before surgical intervention.

  • Germany has millions of visitors every year. In summer you can hike the beautiful hills and stay in the great cities and villages which have a lot to offer the tourist. Castles and lakes… Ah, the scenery is a feast to the eye. If it’s the romantic Rhine or the Black Forest, Heidelberg’s old city or Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Germany’s roads are also very convenient for the driver. The autobahn connects you to all cities and villages in no time. Shopping is great, inexpensive and the variety of things you can buy are amazing. The spa resorts are one of a kind in Germany, the scenery, the pools the massages and the food all make it a perfect holiday.

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