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  •  medical tourism in GreeceLong waiting lists, especially in Europe has brought many health tourists to Greece in what is called ‘Health Tourism’. The economic crisis in Greece decreased the costs of medical treatments which many Europeans take advantage of. Medical patients seek good medical care and surgical procedures in Greece with affordable prices and excellent travel options. Many islands in Greece such as Thessaloniki, Crete and the mainland are attractive to the medical traveler who combines a surgery trip to these beautiful islands or the mainland and enjoys the special atmosphere of a sea and sun vacation. Prices are low when it comes to medical treatments in Greece; Flight plus accommodation plus surgery can come up to 50% less than the same surgery procedures in the UK.

  • Many doctors in Greece have studied in the UK or in the US and have extensive knowledge in all fields of medicine. Health tourism in Greece has penetrated the market in the last five years and is since growing rapidly. Private hospitals in Greece have a good reputation of being well equipped. Supportive staff awaits for the medical traveler and takes care of every issue which arises concerning hospitalization and surgery. Flights to Greece are cheap and on a regular basis from all European cities and the Mediterranean. The currency in Greece is Euro so no exchange rate currencies for most Europeans which makes it convenient for the medical traveler.

  • The Social Insurance Institute (I.K.A) provides Greek citizens with a health insurance for about half the population. Every employer and employee pays contribution from their wages to the insurance institute. All I.K.A. insured Greeks are entitled for a doctor’s visit, hospitalization and dental care. Around six million Greeks do not have any insurance and are not under any medical care; this creates a major problem of Greeks who need health care and cannot afford it. Greek citizens who are insured can be hospitalized in hospitals and private clinics which have contracts with I.K.A. Laboratories and other medical facilities which have a contract with I.K.A, accept citizens who are insured.

  • Many Europeans come for dental treatments in Greece. Dentists are considered to be top class. Prices can come up to 70% savings for the medical traveler. Other fields of medicine such as IVF, bariatric surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery are very much developed in Greece. Health tourists in Greece undergo comprehensive surgeries in all fields of medicine. Private hotels in Athens and in major islands have all medical procedures available for the medical traveler.

  • Greece is a blend of ancient and modern architecture with exquisite islands to spend a perfect holiday in. Within your arrival to Athens go and visit the Acropolis. Olympia and Delphi, one of the most important excavations done in Europe are a must if you like history and archeology. Visit the rock towers of Meteora where you can view the hanging monasteries; you must climb in order to see the beautiful landscape surroundings. Thessaloniki is a delight! Monuments, markets, festivals, museums etc… Rhodes and Crete have the best beaches if you are looking for a relaxed vacation. The clear blue waters and tiny fish restaurants set in beautiful bays are a perfect getaway from the hectic life back home.

on 09/22/2013
5 / 5 stars
Melinda Pobjie
Destination Greece
I've always wanted to go to the Greek islands for a nice relaxed sea and sun vacation...coming across this site I figured that I can do two things which I've always wanted and booked myself a breast lift surgery as well. Megan my twin sister and I had a great time. Online medical took care of it all, flights, accommodation, surgery everything from A to Z,
on 10/15/2013
4 / 5 stars
George Collins
Destination Greece
Wow ! Haven't thought that one could actually go to Greece to have medical treatment, what an idea! good option for patients seeking professional & cheap surgery

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