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Hong Kong

Medical tourism in Hong Kong is pushing for excellence

  •  medical tourism in Hong KongHong Kong offers medical patients top class medical facilities with experienced doctors and nurses. Hong Kong boasts a whole range of health services from operations to medical treatments, outpatient clinics and rehabilitation. Hong Kong established a Chinese – Western Cancer rehabilitation center. This center provides for cancer patients western methods of treatment but also Chinese traditional methods. Hong Kong’s medical tourism industry is booming due to comfortable fees for various medical treatments, although not as inexpensive as Thailand but certainly top-level treatment. Chinese find Hong Kong as a perfect destination for medical treatment and surgery because of the geographic closeness and no language barrier; Hong Kongese speak fluent English as well and are a multi- cultural community.

  • Many Asians seek better medical alternatives for medical treatments than their country of origin and prefer to go to outpatient clinics if it’s for plastic surgery or eye Lasik surgery. The advanced treatment, quality of service and world class facilities is what makes medical travelers especially Asians to head to Hong Kong for medical purposes. The combination of a trip to Hong Kong, shopping and medical treatment appeals to many medical tourists. Private hospitals and clinics cooperate with the medical tourism industry and are set to absorb the many patients. Hospitals have a strong correlation with research institutes and medical schools which contributes to innovative medicine.

  • Hong Kong’s medical health system is very good. It meets the standards of Western countries. Medical students combine studies with actual practice and receive good medical education. There are many doctors who studied abroad and return to Hong Kong as doctors.
    As far as medical facilities, they are of the highest quality including medical research centers and laboratories. There are both public and private medical institutions. Hong Kongese do not pay any contribution to the healthcare system, they simply get it free from the government. One can obtain a private health insurance although it is not necessary. Dental treatment are not covered by the government aside from emergency situations. There are many outpatient clinics with very good standards as well. Hong Kong manufactures medical supplies all over the world.

  • Hong Kong is known for its excellent cancer centers in all of Asia. The cancer rehabilitation center provides for cancer patients integrating Chinese and Western medical methods. Aside from cancer treatments, Hong Kong also has good departments of orthopedics, cosmetic and plastic surgery, urology, neurology, gynecology and all other branches of medicine.

  • Landing in Hong Kong just a fraction from the skyscrapers is quite an experience, you can actually see the buildings right in front of you. Welcome to this modern, bustling city; go to the markets and buy whatever there is they offer, visit the Museum of History and the Museum of Art. Go to Victoria Peak by tram and see the views from above. Take the Star Ferry across the harbor. Eat Cantonese food which is marvelous. There are beautiful spa resorts which also hold health programs. Hong Kong leaves you with many memorable moments.

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