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Cosmetic in Argentina is the prime for medical tourists.

  •  medical tourism in HungaryHungary’s medical services are cheaper and far better than many countries. Hungary is well-known for its prime medical institutions and outpatient clinics who cater for thousands of Europeans and Scandinavians that come for dental treatments, cosmetic and bariatric surgeries. Prices are far lower than one would pay in other European countries. Doctors and dentists are worldly recognized. Since Hungary has joined the EU, it has become even more popular to ‘hop’ to Budapest and have cosmetic surgery or fix up all your dental problems. The spa and wellness resorts are one of a kind in Hungary, one can relax and recover after surgery in a superior hotel with top class facilities.

  • Hungary has experience with medical tourism for the past three decades. Medical tourists find great potential of highest quality of treatments at a low cost. There are no waiting lines when arriving to Hungary for cosmetic surgery or dental treatment. The convenience of the whole trip; leisure and surgery is an excellent solution to many who cannot find the time to undergo surgery .In the dental field of medicine, Hungary is leading the way with extensive knowledge and latest innovations. Doctors in Hungary practice abroad and often Hungarian Consultants / Specialists lecture abroad as well. Hungarian Medical Schools are excellent schools; many foreigners come and study medicine in Hungary.

  • Hungarians contribute to the Health Fund and receive good medical care. Some medical procedures need extra contributions from the patients. Overall the healthcare system meets the standards of Western Countries. Ambulances reach all the country even in remote places. Medical staff do not earn a lot of money and so it is customary to bring a gratitude present for the doctor after a successful surgery. Private clinics are booming due to medical tourists arriving to Hungary for medical treatments.

  • Dental treatments and cosmetic surgery are popular procedures which are available to the many medical travelers seeking these procedures in Hungary. Orthopedic, oncology, gynecology are also popular and so are other fields of medicine.

  • Welcome to Budapest a delightful city situated on the Danube. Before you start your tour, please take yourself into one of the famous coffee shops and eat the famous Hungarian pastry & cakes. Go to Gellert Hill a place full of monuments, soak in Szechenyi Baths and after that see the Basilica of St. Stephens. The Fisherman’s Bastion is a wonderful walk from the castle, see the magnificent views of the city. Budapest’s synagogue is also a must and a boat ride on the Danube. The Danube River divides Buda and Pest. As a day’s trip, you can take a trip to Szentendre a beautiful town or to Godollo as well.

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