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Medical tourism in India – boasts international standards.

  •  medical tourism in IndiaMedical travel to India has all the advantages medical travelers are looking for. India has the lowest costs when it comes to medical treatments such as dental implant surgeries, breast augmentation surgeries and many more medical treatments. For US and British residents, the price of surgeries can come up to 80% less than in countries of origin.
    All professional staff speak excellent English so language is no barrier when it comes to medical treatments in India. Medical tourism in India is a growing industry, many efforts are made by all the factors involved to provide for the medical traveler special attention and care before undergoing medical treatments and after surgical intervention. Leisure resorts with attentive staff are exceptional.

  • Health tourism in India is cost effective and has competitive prices in comparison to other Asian countries such as Thailand or the Philippines; India boasts first class private hospitals and medical clinics which adhere to international standards.
    Upon arrival you receive a special visa allowing you to enter India as a medical traveler and to undergo medical treatments in India. The experience of doctors and all other medical staff is superb. Many doctors were trained abroad or have had the experience of working overseas but also doctors who were trained in India have high standards and meet the standards of North American and European doctors. Many Indian residents who have studied medicine abroad, have returned to India and are specializing in medical tourism. Because the medical industry is up to speed, there are no waiting lists for surgeries.

  • In India you can find private and public hospitals. Well off Indians hold a private health insurance and benefit from first class medical institutions and skillful doctors. Medical institutions have the most innovative equipment and technology. The government hospitals known as the public hospitals are operational for most of the population. These hospitals have basic medical care and sometimes lack many essential facilities. Government health insurance does not cover doctor’s fee but only cover emergency cases or hospitalization. Private health insurance are priced reasonably hence the growing middle class can also enjoy good standards of healthcare. There are many hospitals and clinics in India even in smaller towns.

  • Dental implants in India are popular with medical tourists swarming to India for this specific medical treatment. Lost teeth are not esthetic in a world which appearance is very important. Dental implants cost a fortune in western countries. Prices of dental implants in India are very low and can be attainable for everyone who seeks treatment of this sort in India. Medical treatments in India specialize also in breast augmentation or enlargement. Indian medical services are prepared for a mass of medical travelers to India for this specific surgery. Skillful doctors do hundreds of breast augmentation surgeries and are the most experienced in the world. All other treatments are also available in India in all fields of medicine.

  • India is a huge country, one has to take internal flights in order to see all the interesting places. The sights of India will not be forgotten after a trip to this fascinating country. When landing in Mumbai you cannot miss the poverty all over and the shacks people live in but there is more to Mumbai than just these sights. The contradiction of the wealthier parts of Mumbai and the poorest parts is quite an experience. Bollywood is India’s major film industry and is also located in Mumbai. India has the largest film industry in the world.
    Take a boat trip to Elephanta Island and see the temples carved in the rocks. If your medical treatments are in New Delhi or in Chennai, there are plenty of touristic places in those areas as well. Hotels and leisure resorts are superb in India and the food is one of the best cuisines in the world.

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