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Plastic surgery in Brazil - The largest market.

  •  medical tourism in IndonesiaBali has been a tourist destination for years now, people from Asia, Europe, America and Australia come to Bali for relaxation. Bali is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. While on the island, many of these tourists decide to undergo cosmetic surgery in Bali Indonesia; in fact Bali has become the prime location for health tourism is Indonesia long before Jakarta the capital. For Australians Bali is considerably cheap; flight and accommodation. Plastic surgery in Bali is less expensive than surgery in Australia. Many Australians take advantage of their yearly vacation to relax and undergo cosmetic surgery in Bali. Plastic surgeons are professional in their field and are well-trained. Private medical clinics and hospitals are of very good standard.

  • Bali is the number one destination for many travelers; health tourism in Bali is increasing due to a huge demand for plastic and cosmetic surgery. Hospitals boast international standards with excellent doctors and other medical staff. Prices are more than affordable, add to that top class recuperation facilities which are well known and fit to cater all medical tourists. Medical travelers to Indonesia get first class healthcare with prices of a third world country.
    The hospitality in Bali is world known, Balinese earn a living from tourism and the increase of health tourism is another stage of development towards turning Bali and Indonesia as a prime health tourism destination.

  • The healthcare system in Indonesia cannot keep pace due to the growth of population living in urban areas especially in Jakarta. Water and the density of slums brought a lot of diseases and it is difficult for the Ministry of Health to eradicate such diseases.
    The Ministry of Health is trying to decentralize to the many provinces and regions in Indonesia all health management issues and to understand what each province needs in terms of education of medical staff and other issues related to health.

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  • Bali is one of the most wonderful islands in the world. Tourists swarm the island if it’s for the wonderful beached, five star lodgings, the hilly mountains and its unique people. The majority of Balinese are Hindu; they are proud to keep their religion as opposed to the Islam which rules Indonesia. If you fancy diving or white water rafting, surfing or relaxing in the sun; Bali has just about everything to offer the traveler. Bali has an active nightlife; many bars, good restaurants and nightclubs. The Balinese have special dances and traditions which the tourists find interesting; there are many beautiful craft shops which the traveler can buy and take home.

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