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Medical tourism in Iran – the nose job capital

  •  medical tourism in IranIranian are known to be very good doctors; medical travelers who seek low cost rates and a chance to see this interesting country have the opportunity to be hospitalized in one of the well-established hospitals or other medical clinics and undergo cosmetic surgery; a face lift or a nose job in what is called (in medical terms) rhinoplasty.
    Iranian people are known for their hospitality, medical travelers feel comfortable when touring the country. Hospitals in Tehran and Shiraz have modern equipment. There are direct flight to Iran from all major cities in Europe and the Middle East so no long journey is needed for cosmetic surgery. Delivery of medical service is quick and efficient.

  • Medical travelers to Iran seek to undergo efficient medical surgery with no waiting lines. Iran sees the potential in medical tourism and does its utmost to provide the medical traveler all the necessary services; hospitalization, knowledgeable representatives who speak English, Arabic and other European languages. Hospitals are international accredited with cutting edge technologies. Iran is known for its reliable treatments in the field of medicine. Medical tourism in Iran in overall can save the medical traveler up to 70% in comparison to first class surgery performed elsewhere.

  • Iran’s healthcare system has improved in the last three decades. Many medical clinics were opened in rural areas which deal with the health needs of the people. Child death rates have decreased in the last two decades. The majority of Iranians have access to some kind of healthcare. The ministry of Health and Medical Institution is responsible for all health issues. Doctors are of good standard studying in professional medical schools and practicing in all medical fields. Latest technologies can be found in hospitals in major cities. Medical travelers from neighboring countries come for health treatments to Iran.

  • Cosmetic surgery in Iran is a very dominant popular medical procedure; Iranians have an obsession with their looks. Facelifts and nose jobs especially, have great demand with Iranian women and men but also have a growing demand from neighboring countries. Nose jobs or in medical terms rhinoplasty are done seven times more in Iran than in the States. The reasons vary; from Iranians who want a western like look or a good chance to ‘catch’ an attractive husband. Medical clinics are flourishing. Iran performs other medical procedures such as orthopedic and heart surgery.

  • Welcome to Tehran the capital city if Iran, a city with fifteen million people with its palaces, museums, bazaars and mosques. Go trekking in Mt. Tohal, North of Tehran.
    A visit to Shiraz the enchanting city is a must. A day’s trip to Persepolis and its amazing ruins. Shiraz was an important city around 2000 years ago. It is a city of poetry and wine. You can travel to Zagros Mountains which lies located between Shiraz and Esfahan. Take a local guide, they are inexpensive and show you all the wonders of the city. Esfahan is considered to be the jewel of Iran with its amazing buildings and bazaars and gardens. There’s a lot to do and see in Iran, take advantage while you’re there and explore this ancient place. You’ll definitely come back with good memories.

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