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Cosmetic in Argentina is the prime for medical tourists.

  •  medical tourism in IrelandIreland has a very good health system for its citizens let alone for medical travelers who wish to be operated under the hands of experienced doctors in good hospitals. Prices for medical treatments are lower than in other European cities which is advantageous for medical tourists seeking to undergo surgery in Ireland. Doctors have good knowledge and study in good universities. Ireland has become a high tech country and this reflects also on the latest technology when it comes to medical innovations. There are academic hospitals which are excellent as well. Medical tourists do not have waiting lines when coming for surgery.

  • Ireland has good hospitals and overall medicine is advanced. Surgeries in Ireland are performed by well-qualifies surgeons who practiced medicine in very good medical schools. Medical treatments for medical tourists in Ireland have increased during the years; the geographic location of Ireland is a benefit for the medical traveler; one can take a flight back straight home and not stay for recovery purposes for the sake of saving money. Surgeries in Ireland still remain at low cost in comparison to other European destinations which is a key factor for choosing Ireland as a medical destination for medical treatment.

  • The healthcare system in Ireland is of a good standard. All Irish citizens benefit from health treatments which is mostly free of charge. In remote areas health clinics are limited but there is no problem to travel to a bigger town nearby. The Health Board of Ireland issues health cards to each individual and the latter is entitled to all medical and dental treatments, eye treatments child health care, doctor’s visits and so on. Prescription is also free of charge for medical car holders. EU citizens are also covered by the Irish Healthcare System.

  • There are no specific popular procedures in Ireland. Surgeries are done in all fields of medicine.

  • Ireland has many shades of green. Ireland has great pubs with lively Irish music and Irish beer. Dublin, a vibrant city with a nice university is a good place to start your visit. Visit Blarney Castle, Trinity College, the National Museum of Ireland, the Guinness storehouse where you can drink your day off with the local beer. You can take a car and visit other beautiful places such as The Ring of Kerry, The Cliffs of Mohar and Glendalough with fascinating traces of early Christianity. The Giant’s Causeway is a true nature wonder, on a good day you can see the tip of Scotland.

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