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Medical treatments in Israel are outstanding.

  •  medical tourism in IsraelIsrael is one of the prime locations for Europeans, Africans, Americans and Asians undergoing surgery of all types. Israel is a major player when it comes to technology, especially in the medical arena. Scientific laboratories in the medical field are innovative and modern. Doctors are considered to be top ten in the world, studying in prestigious Universities all over the country. Medical centers in Israel are state-of- the- art when it comes to professionalism and are well- equipped with modern facilities. Health tourism in Israel has become a major part of tourism in general. Hundreds of thousands of medical tourists pour into the country to have laser eye surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, oncology treatments and IVF. Medical tourism in Israel has become a major industry due to successful surgeries in all fields of medicine.

  • Health tourism in Israel is a leading force in the medical world. Medical treatments are cheaper than what you would pay in your home country. The risks of side effects after surgical intervention are very low. Hospitals; private and public are known to have the best standards in the world. Doctors and nurses speak English, Russian and Arabic very well. Plastic surgeries are performed by well- trained doctors who have years of experience performing operations of this sort. Oncologic centers are considered to be the best in the world and are the largest in the Mediterranean. Medical research departments in hospitals and University labs boast scientific achievements in many fields of medicine. Israel is also known for its excellence in eye care and laser eye surgeries.

  • Every citizen in Israel belongs to one of the four healthcare plans. The plans provide a basket of services which citizens of Israel benefit from. Citizens pay a monthly premium, a contribution taken from their pay (5% approx.) to the National Insurance Health Fund. Most Israelis pay for an additional Insurance premium in order to be covered in case of overseas transplants and other treatments which are not in the basket. Israeli citizens regardless of their age, status and income are hospitalized in public hospitals; they need a special hospitalization form provided by their healthcare plan in order to be admitted to hospital. The doctors are professional and well-trained and so are the nurses. Hospital wards are very crowded due to an increase of population in recent years but in overall medical treatments are excellent and considered highly successful.

  • Treatment options in Health tourism in Israel are varied. Cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgeries, laser eye surgeries, oncology treatments, IVF, orthopedics, burn-units and cardiology. One can say that Israel is a prime source of innovative treatments and latest discoveries when it comes to surgeries. Israel has advanced clinics for IVF treatments with a high percentage of success due to the fact that children in Israeli culture are of a great importance. A unique treatment which can also be found for psoriasis and other skin diseases are treatments in the Dead Sea. Medical travelers can find in medical tourism in Israel every medical procedure available in the world conducted by top class professional surgeons.

  • Medical tourists in Israel can visit the ‘the holy land’, the land of the three religions and its beautiful, diverse landscape and people. While you’re in Israel, take a tour to Jerusalem, an ancient city which inspired millions of people throughout the history. Place a note with a wish in The Western Wall (The Kotel) which is known as the Wailing Wall of the old Jewish Temple. Go in the footsteps of Jesus and admire the beautiful churches all over. Kind David’s tomb, the beautiful Christian, Muslim, Armenian and Jewish Quarters. Stroll around the lively markets and eat Humus in the old city. Take a walk on the city walls and have a break in Mammilla’s newest open shopping center. Go to the Jewish religious neighborhood and see how the ‘Haredic society’ lived for ages. Rent apartment in Israel, hire a car and go to the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on Earth. The Dead Sea is very salty and provides curative effects to many patients after medical treatments. Visit Masada a huge fortress and listen to the amazing story behind it.

By Yifat Manor

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Herzliya Medical Center
Herzliya Medical Center is one of the most preferred hospitals in Israel which attracts medical travelers from all over the world. Medical staff include professional leading doctors who are proficient in all medical fields and nurses…  

on 02/11/2013
5 / 5 stars
Judith and Erik Larsen
Destination Israel
After six IVF treatments which were a failure, we decided to go to Israel whichwas recommended to us by our GP in Frankfurt. Apparently, Israel is known for successful IVF treatments . We were met by Diana our Case Manager at the airport and were taken to Herzliya Medical Center. She organized everything from scatch, and I am proud to say that I am sixth month pregnant
on 01/02/2014
4.5 / 5 stars
Sharon Bergson
I've been to Israel for a knee replacement, simply couldn't afford it at home. Knowing that I couldn't move much after surgery I travelled a couple of days in the country before surgery which I truly enjoyed. I recommend to anyone who needs medical treatment to go to Israel , it's a good opportunity to do surgery at low cost. Everyone speaks English and the treatment I got was great , the hospital I admitted myself to was in Herzeliya, can't exactly recall the name.

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  • Rachel

    Iran has adopted a very permissive approach to the use of assisted reproductive technologies in infertility treatment. Assisted reproductive technologies have been practiced in there for over twenty years. They have become an ongoing issue in the public debate. And it is the subject of many interdisciplinary conferences. Currently, almost all forms of infertility treatment including gamete and embryo donation are being practiced at infertility treatment clinics in Iran. As well as surrogacy. There are more than 40 infertility treatment clinics in the country. But the attitude of native Iranians is mostly negative. As well as their women health condition. My friend tried to use IVF about 2 years ago there. Unfortunately they used only frozen ootids which appeared to be of low quality. After three attempts there was no result. So it`s not the best place for such services. And want to advice other infertile people do not risk. Especially when it`s about your future children.