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Medical tourism in Japan – a growing industry

  •  medical tourism in JapanJapan wants to join the global medical tourism industry and is doing all the efforts to be a major hub for surgeries performed on foreign travelers. Japan is known worldwide for its high tech environment which is also reflected in the medical field. Innovative medical procedures and diagnosis methods with minimal invasive procedures are practiced in Japan. Japanese doctors are experienced and conduct hundreds of surgeries in the many medical institutions. It’s a great opportunity for the medical traveler to tour this fascinating country and undergo medical treatment or surgery in Japan. Although language is a barrier, some medical staff know English and all hospitals provide the medical tourist with an interpreter.

  • The potential of medical tourism in Japan is great, the government is doing its utmost to encourage all aspects of medical tourism to attract medical travelers to undergo treatments in Japan. Medical travelers can receive a visa for half a year if needed, for medical purposes. Although cost of living is expensive in Japan, medical treatments are relatively inexpensive and are monitored by the government. Dental implants and surgery in the field of aesthetics are popular amongst travelers. Cutting edge modern equipment insures that surgical intervention is done more accurately than in the past. Robotic surgery is very advanced in Japan, for cancer treatments as well.

  • Japanese people enjoy a very high healthcare system. All Japanese benefit from an efficient health system. Healthcare system includes doctor’s appointments, medical treatments, consultation with specialists and surgery as well. Japan has a very low infant mortality rate and a long life expectancy. They are considered to be a healthy population due to the food they eat and way of life they lead.

  • Aside from all medical procedures, Japan boasts excellent oncology centers with innovative treatments, some treatments can only be found in Japan which gives hope to cancer patients. The Japanese are pioneers when it comes to research for cancer treatments. Robotic surgery is also advanced in Japan and so is cosmetic and plastic surgery.

  • Tokyo and Kyoto, two cities in Japan which differ from each other. Tokyo a high tech city with the amazing bullet train and Kyoto where the pace is slower with its tea houses and traditional way of life. Go to Gion District where you will be able to see geishas going to work. Higashiyama and Nijo Castle are also places to visit. Tokyo is very crowded yet delightful and captivating. Go to the tuna auction, to the many coffee houses and shopping centers. There are temples and museums which are also worth a visit. Although Tokyo is crowded, it is fascinating to see how this city is alive and kicking, you have to see Tokyo by foot.

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