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Medical tourism in Jordan - a desired destination

  •  medical tourism in JordanJordan is a stable country in the Middle East and is safe to travel to. The American Embassy has the largest compound in the Middle East and has hundreds of American Diplomats and their families working and living in Jordan; all these American residents are utilizing the numerous private Jordanian hospitals which are of good standard.
    Doctors in Jordan are well-trained in the country or in the UK and the US. They return to their homeland to work in Jordanian hospitals. Medical treatments in Jordan are known to be very good and meet international standards. Private hospitals have accommodation suites to cater medical tourists who come for medical treatments; a twenty four hour service of nurses is also available after surgery which reduces secondary infection possibilities. Travel options from Arab of neighboring countries are inexpensive with major airlines flying to Amman on a daily basis.

  • Jordan has excellent private hospitals to cater the many diplomats and medical travelers in the country. Jordanians speak Arabic and English so there is no language barrier. Jordanian hospitals are equipped with the state of the art technologies including free shuttle buses straight from the airport. No waiting lists when it comes to medical tourism in Jordan, everything is organized in no time. Medical tourism in Jordan is successful due to inexpensive costs for medical treatments such as cancer treatments, orthopedic treatments, heart surgeries and other surgical interventions. A visa is granted upon arrival for medical purposes. Top class spas in the Dead Sea offer the medical travelers a good relaxation and healing after surgery. Prices are about 40% less than the US.

  • Jordan’s health system is divided to private and public institutions. Doctors study only in English and fly to major hospitals in the UK or the States for additional training. Medical clinics in rural areas do not provide all treatments which are provided in Amman but one can travel to the city for special surgery if needed. The King Hussein Cancer Center is a prime location for cancer treatments not only for Jordanians but for North African and Arab citizens for neighboring countries. The amount of Syrian refugees swarming Jordan in the past years has become a great burden to the medical institutions. Jordan is finding it very difficult to control its border with Syria and is dealing with 350,000 refugees and all the implications which go with it. Around 75% of Jordanians have some kind of health insurance; with an optimistic forecast of all citizens being insured.

  • Aside from Israel, The King Hussein Cancer Center is the only cancer center in the Middle East which specializes in all types of cancer. Patients from all over the Middle East and North Africa come for medical treatments to this center. Jordan also specializes in kidney transplants and cardiologic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is also popular among medical tourists in Jordan. All special procedures are done in modern medical institutions and are performed by professional well –trained doctors. All medical procedures are available in Jordan. Jordan has become the gateway for medical tourist from all the Middle East.

  • Amman is a pleasant city to be in; good hotels and a vibrant market but you cannot be in Jordan and not go to Petra. Upon your arrival, take a donkey’s ride into the ancient city of Petra. The red stone is just amazing. From the main gate, the city will be revealed to you step by step. You’ll see all the ancient buildings, don’t forget to climb up the monastery. Your next stop is Wadi Rum, Jordan’s beautiful desert where you can enjoy a real Bedouin lunch. The Dead Sea is a place for great relaxation, stay a couple of days and enjoy the tranquil landscape and calmness.

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