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Medical tourism in Korea – a supreme destination

  •  medical tourism in Korea SouthSouth Korea is one of the leading destinations in Asia today for medical treatments and surgeries. Doctors in South Korea are well-qualified and have experience with robotic surgery in all fields of medicine. Research and biotechnology is also advanced in South Korea which enables medical staff to diagnose and treat patients in the best possible way. As for the prices of medical treatments in South Korea, savings can come up to 50% for medical tourists coming to South Korea to undergo surgeries. South Korea is a growing economy in Asia, not only in electronics, robotics and machinery but also in the field of medicine.

  • South Korea is a prime location for tourists and medical travelers; this fascinating country with its unique cuisine makes it an attractive place to visit. Doctors are skillful in all fields of medicine and undergo extensive training in order to receive doctor’s certification. All medical staff know English which makes it easier for American medical travelers. South Korea has more than twenty modern hospitals with the state of the art technologies. MRI and other screenings are performed as well in modern medical institutions. For years Japanese and Russian patients find South Korea a popular destination for surgical needs; Europeans and Americans have discovered South Korea as an attractive destination as well due to reduced cost of surgeries, sometimes up to 50%-60%.

  • Every Citizen in South Korea pays contribution to the National Health Insurance Fund. This health scheme covers doctor’s visits, hospitalization, surgeries and rehabilitation. Residents who are self- employed contribute to what is called ‘community insurance’. The National Health Insurance was established in 1977, it took around twelve years to cover all the residents of the country. Doctors have to study in medical schools which are excellent and have to pass a final exam in order to be able to work; they are being paid well. Traditional Korean Medicine is close to Chinese traditional medicine and is popular among many Koreans like herbal medicine and acupuncture.

  • South Korea is known for utilizing robotics in various fields of surgery. Cyberknife robotic surgery is an advanced method of treatments for patients who have cancer. This specific surgery is used to treat tumors in any part of the body and is a faster treatment than other oncology treatments. South Korea is one of the five countries which specialize in this method. Spine surgery is also one of the most popular medical treatments which medical tourists undergo in South Korea. Cosmetic surgery is one of the leading medical fields in South Korea. South Koreans are obsessed with plastic surgery and so plastic surgeons have great experience in this field.

  • Welcome to Seoul, accommodate yourself in a nice hotel with a spa and start exploring the city. Go to Namdaemun Market in the morning and then take a cruise on the Han River. You must see Changdeokgung Palace with its wonderful architecture, catch a tour in English.
    Visit the N Seoul Tower and view this awesome city from above. Insadong is a good place to sit in one of the many tea houses and look at the wonderful galleries around. The War Memorial of Korea is an interesting place to visit, you can learn about the history of South Korea and the complications with North Korea, the place is full of airplanes and tanks. Korean cuisine is superb, it is healthy and contains many vegetables; side dishes are served next to the main dish which is rice, you will find it tasty and flavored gently.

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