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Cosmetic in Argentina is the prime for medical tourists.

  •  medical tourism in LatviaLatvia is the center of all medical treatments and procedures in the Baltic Region. Latvia is easy to reach, by plane, train or by car. Medical tourism in Latvia has increased lately due to a number of reasons; medical travelers pay a fraction of the cost in comparison to Western European countries’ private medical clinics. There are simply no waiting lists when booking a medical procedure. Doctors and administrative staff at hospitals all speak English and Russian; you can also find German and French speakers amongst the medical staff. Specialists in all branches of medicine usually practice abroad and are known to be qualified doctors. Recovery resorts are cheap and lovely, one can relax and enjoy Latvia’s great hospitality.

  • In Latvia, medical travelers receive western standards of medicine with prices of Eastern Europe. Dental treatments are a primary source of travel for medical travelers. Latvian dentists are qualified and work in modern clinics. Latvians have a straight forward approach to the medical patients when arriving to Latvia for surgeries. As for complications after surgery, risk is below zero. Cosmetic surgery and dental treatments are top quality with reliable treatments; you are in good hands from start to finish. Medical travelers benefit from low cost rehabilitation options as well. Latvia joined the EU therefore convenient for European residents who can pay for medical services in Euros.

  • Every Latvian contributes to the Latvian Social Security and benefits from health services. Latvia still hasn’t come up to the standards of the modern EU countries in the medical field, as a former soviet country, it still has to catch up in terms of the health services provided to its citizens. The National Health Service was established in 2011, its aim is to monitor and to administer the public health funds. There are private medical institutions which are of a high standard but the public hospitals lack modern equipment at times. There are long waiting lists for medical procedures and the pharmaceutical sector does not comply with the needs of the population.

  • Medical travelers arrive to Latvia usually for dental treatments and cosmetic surgery yet private hospitals have excellent departments in all fields of medicine.

  • The old town of Riga is delightful to visit. You can go to many interesting museums and the Art Nouveau district with its beautiful building. There are many parks in Riga which one can enjoy. Jurmala is a lovely seaside town just half an dhour from Riga. Jurmala has excellent thermal spas, beaches and dunes make is great for a relaxed vacation. Jurmala boasts the biggest aqua park in the Baltics and Eastern Europe. Dzintari Forest Park is an ideal place for recreation and relaxation close to Jurmala.
    Spa resorts in Riga and Jurmala are popular among travelers. Affordable prices for a five start spa resort makes Riga a tempting destination for medical travelers. One can recover after surgery or medical procedure in a relaxed accommodation.

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