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Medical tourism in Lithuania is thriving

  •  medical tourism in LithuaniaLithuania is two to four hours away from many destination in Europe and Scandinavia. Being in such good location, medical tourism in Lithuania is thriving due to inexpensive costs and excellent quality of medical service and rehabilitation. Doctors undergo a lengthy period of training and education until they receive a doctor’s certification. Medical travelers to Lithuania receive the same healthcare they would have received in their country but with savings of about 50% off. Medical travelers to Lithuania can take advantage of their arrival for medical treatments and tour this beautiful country with its beautiful buildings and interesting history. Lithuania switched into the Euro in 2009 and therefore medical travelers to Lithuania do not need to exchange currency.

  • Lithuania has become a major player in medical tourism in recent years. Private medical clinics and hospitals are all set for the medical travelers traveling to Lithuania for medical procedures and surgeries. Cosmetic and plastic surgeries, bariatric surgeries and dental treatments are amongst the most popular medical treatments in Lithuania. Doctors are professional and well- practiced. Because of cheap labor, Lithuanian medical tourism offer the medical traveler attractive prices for all medical treatments without compromising on the quality of the healthcare which the medical traveler receives. The government of Lithuania sees the potential of medical tourism and strives to develop this industry and turn it into a major industry along with tourism.

  • Lithuanian citizens are in line with other European countries in regards of medical treatments and hospitalization. University hospitals are considered at the top of the list for complicated surgeries and transplants. Regional hospitals, municipal hospitals and health clinics are also available for regular surgeries and healthcare procedures.
    Lithuanians contribute to the health fund scheme as in major countries in Europe. Dental treatment and cosmetic surgeries do not fall under the health insurance scheme. Doctors and nurses are considered to be well-qualified; cardiologists are the best qualified in the soviet bloc.

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  • The tourism industry in Lithuania is increasing in recent years. Tourists discovered Lithuania’s potential as a tourist destination. Wonder in the old streets of Vilnius the capital, Pilies street which rounds up to the castle is a colorful place, many craft shops and galleries with open cafes, interesting museums. Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania and is a pleasant one to stroll around. It’s located between two rivers. Kaunus was the center of a big Jewish community in the past, you can see many remains of their rich cultural life before WWII. The health spas in Lithuania are top class. Situated near the lakes or in the city, one can find all massage treatments and beauty salons in one complex.

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