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Medical tourism in Malaysia - tiptop destination

  •  medical tourism in MalaysiaMalaysia boasts excellent private medical institutions. Many hospitals hold international accreditations and are well equipped with modern facilities. Cancer treatment in Malaysia and plastic surgery are two fields of medicine which medical tourists from all over come to Malaysia. Medical tourists from Indonesia come to Malaysia for innovative treatments such as hair loss treatments and laser treatments; but it’s not only Indonesian who swarm the country but many other Asians, Americans and people from Muslim countries from the Middle East, making it a medical hub due to the convenience that Malaysia offers as a moderate Muslim country. Prices of surgery and aesthetics surgery are cost effective for every medical traveler hence the popularity of Malaysia being a medical destination.

  • The quality of healthcare in Malaysia makes it an alluring destination for medical travelers. Plastic surgery in Malaysia has increased in the last couple of years. Private health clinics are prepared to absorb all the medical travelers for the many surgeries available in Malaysia. Prices of medical treatments are very competitive in comparison to neighboring Asian countries. The advantage of Malaysia as a medical hub is the medical staff bilingual competency which of course makes it ‘easier’ and appeals to patients from abroad. When it comes to medical tourism in Malaysia, it’s a smooth medical adventure from the day of arrival to the day of departure.

  • Malaysia has two healthcare system in the country; private and public. Malaysians contribute to the social security fund which covers healthcare but most of the funds are subsidized by the government. Public healthcare is of good quality but the problem arises in remote areas where healthcare is not at its best. Doctors in rural, remote areas usually consult by phone with doctors from large hospitals regarding patient’s case. There are many medical schools in Malaysia; doctors are at a high standard and many of them study in Western countries. In overall Malaysian healthcare system is efficient in most cases and tries to cover all aspects of medicine.

  • Private hospitals offer surgeries and medical treatments (such as cancer treatments or hair loss treatments) in all field of medicine. Dental treatments, bariatric surgery, orthopedics, oncology, urology, neurology, fertility treatments and robotic surgery. The Malaysian Health Ministry is taking medical tourism in Malaysia very serious, the safety and care of foreign patients is on their priority list.

  • Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant, charming city, ravishing and refreshing. From skyscrapers to Mosques to Chinatown to enchanting markets. You must also go to the rainforest and take an elephant ride. Go to the Temple of the Batu Caves or take a canoe to Taman Negara where you will be able to feel what it’s like to survive in the jungle. There is an exciting canopy walk through the rainforest. Wellness spa resorts are lovely, the Malaysian know how to pamper the tourists. Beach resorts near Kuala Lumpur are a ‘mini paradise’. The Malaysian cuisine is a blend of Asian mix, which pleases the senses. It’s a heavenly vacation!

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