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Medical tourism in Mauritius has increased in popularity

  •  medical tourism in ArgentinaMedical tourism in Mauritius is a growing industry. Mauritius is an attractive tourist destination. Many UK medical tourisms come for medical treatments; cheap flights are available from the UK to Mauritius. Well- off African citizens also come to Mauritius to undergo surgeries. Mauritius’ tourism is booming, white sand and crystal waters, medical tourists see the potential of a great vacation with receiving medical treatments. Medical institutions are efficient and suitable for the needs of the growing industry of medical tourism. Prices of medical treatments in Mauritius are attractive and compete with South Africa and Kenya. Medical staff are skilful and speak English and French.

  • Due to the increase of medical tourism, the Mauritius government has set a goal to make Mauritius a medical tourist hub. The infrastructure for this rising industry has been set.
    The Arab World nowadays lack medical destinations to the many people who seek medical treatments and cannot find it in their own country of residence. Mauritius is the perfect hub for these medical tourists who find Mauritius a comfortable destination, not far from their homeland. Mauritius has private medical centers and hospitals at a high standard. The resorts in Mauritius are perfect for recovery after medical interventions. Massages, spa treatments, pools and golf courses make it a wonderful place to cure. Medical treatments in Mauritius are cheaper than South Africa and neighboring countries and therefore becoming a prime growing destination for Europeans as well.

  • Mauritius consists a group of islands. There has been a growth in population in recent years and health has undergone a major change for the better. There are five health regions in Mauritius which provide healthcare to the residents of Mauritius. There are medical clinics and hospitals in each region. Maurtius is dealing with illnesses as in the modern world like chronic diseases. In overall you can see great improvement in the level of healthcare institutions and in the level of medical staff. Medical institutions have gone to modern technology which brought to successful surgeries and less secondary implications.

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  • If you want to feel what paradise is like, book yourself a trip to Mauritius. Clear turquoise water, white sand, waterfalls, green mountains, diving in coral reefs or swimming with dolphins are a glimpse of what you can do in this exquisite island. Luxury hotels and resorts with modern facilities are available for families or couples. You can book all inclusive packages or hotels with golf courses. There are off the beaten track nature trails which you can enjoy while visiting the island. Mauritius cuisine is a blend of Chinese, African, Indian and French recipes which is called the Creole cuisine. Anyone can find something to eat in Creole kitchen. Have a nice vacation!

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