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Medical tourism in Montenegro comply with Western standards

  •  medical tourism in MontenegroMedical tourism in Montenegro is certainly coming to a point where many medical travelers find a good solution for medical surgeries and other treatments. Medical staff are extremely skilled and so are the nurses and supportive staff. Montenegro is an ideal place for spending time not only for surgical purposes but for recovery purposes as well. Montenegro has many recovery resorts for rehabilitation purposes after medical treatments or major surgeries. Prices for medical treatments in Montenegro are affordable; surgeries are approximately 50% less than in other European countries such as Holland, France and the UK.

  • Montenegro is known for the good quality of its physicians; add to that excellent rehabilitation resorts for treatments after surgical interventions, resorts which are based near the Adriatic Sea. Rehabilitation centers cater all patients including medical tourists who come for medical treatments in Montenegro. Costs are low effective for medical tourists to Montenegro. One can save up to 55% when it comes to the total expenditure of surgical intervention plus recovery fees. Cheap charter flights are available from all European countries. Weather is great in summer, spring and autumn. Top scale clinics and medical institutions attract the medical traveler to undergo medical treatments in Montenegro.

  • Citizens of Montenegro benefit from an efficient health system. Doctors are well trained and hospitals are at a high standard. A state funded health scheme covers all Montenegro citizens and everyone is covered by law and have access to the states’ healthcare. One can also hold a private health insurance but most citizens use the government’s healthcare scheme. Employers and employees all pay contributions to the health fund. Citizens can call doctors who are signed up in the health scheme program. A General Practitioner can admit a patient to hospital and give out prescriptions if needed. Consultants are doctors with a higher degree; oncologists, gynecologists, dermatologists and so on.

  • No popular prodecures in Montenegro

  • Montenegro has stunning views of lakes and mountains, villages and cities. It is easy to travel by car and some places by ferry or boat. Accommodation is cheap in comparison to European cities, food is inexpensive and good. Kotor is a beautiful town, see the old town squares and have coffee in one of the little cafes. Explore the churches, cathedral and the museums and keep going on along the Bay of Kotor to the cities nearby. You can return to Tivat by boat for the night. Skadar Lake National Park is such a breathtaking place. Moraca river canyon, Budva.

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