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Medical tourism in Holland has a progressive approach to medicine

  •  medical tourism in HollandMedical tourism in the Netherlands has increased over the years. The Netherlands boasts a strong economic growth and is one of the most dominant countries in Europe. Medical tourists from all over Europe choose the Netherlands as a reliable option to undergo surgery for a couple of reasons; the exceptional healthcare facilities which provide medical services in all the fields of medicine with leading professional surgeons and physicians. Many Europeans arrive to the Netherlands by car and take advantage of the comfortable prices for cosmetic surgery in the Netherlands and other complex procedures. Dutch people are incredibly friendly which also reflects on the progressive, open approach to medical tourists.

  • The Netherlands boasts medical institutions with high infrastructure equipped with the latest technology in all branches of medicine. It is a very inviting country to travel to and the big cities are a great travel destination. The Dutch speak foreign languages at a high level and so the staff at the many medical clinics are familiar with hosting patients from abroad. Medical tourists have a priority and do not have to wait for medical procedures; it can be arranged within a day.

  • Medical care is of high quality and is comparable to the healthcare one finds throughout Western Europe and the U.S. Medical laboratories and consultants in all branches of medicine are available. Hospitals are well-equipped, dentist clinics and maternity hospitals are available even in smaller towns. Doctors and dentists speak English and European languages of neighboring countries as well. The national health insurance is obligatory for all Dutch citizens; it contains a package of necessary healthcare services (e.g., a visit to a general practitioner, all related maternity check-ups). People who want to expand their health insurance package are welcome to do so with additional payment.

  • All medical procedures are carried out by excellent doctors in all the fields of medicine. Doctors are well-trained and have extensive knowledge and experience.

  • Amsterdam is a great place for a vacation. The stunning canals crossing the city create a special atmosphere. The museums in the city are a true gem, Anna Frank House, Rembrandt and Van Gogh Museum. The vibrant nightlife and restaurants of all kind. The Royal city by the Sea which is known to be The Hague, is a wonderful city. The capital city is modern with an interesting historic center, the miniature city, Madurodam is a wonderful place for adults and children. Holland is a cycling nation; tourists find bike tours to be a unique way of exploring the cities and the countryside or even cycling by your own can be an enjoyable activity. Holland is one of the top road safest countries in the world; take advantage of the fact that Holland is a flat country and hire a bike , it’s also good for your health.

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