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Medical tourism in Nicaragua; an ideal location

  •  medical tourism in NicaraguaAmericans find Nicaragua to be a good location for plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Medical treatments in Nicaragua offer the medical patient a solution for these operation which cannot be obtained in the US due to expensive costs. Cheap flights to Nicaragua are also a factor to choose Nicaragua as a favored destination for medical tourists. The economic benefits of traveling for medical treatments to Nicaragua are substantial. This beautiful country boasts wonderful resorts which one can relax after surgical operation. Doctors are well trained in Nicaragua and speak the English Language. Nicaragua has a growing potential for medical tourists, the number of tourists has been increasing since 2011 and so are the medical travelers seeking to combine medical treatments with a vacation. Nicaragua is the safest place in Central America nowadays.

  • Nicaragua has good hospitals in the capital city, very developed in the sense of high technology and skilled staff. Many Hispanic American have found that medical treatments in Nicaragua, especially plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is a ‘good deal’. Why not get top medical service with a 70% saving on budget? The beaches in Nicaragua and the resorts nearby are a perfect vacation. It is important to recuperate in a relaxed atmosphere after medical intervention. Nicaragua compared to other Latin Countries is cheaper and therefore a favored destination for medical travelers seeking plastic or cosmetic surgery abroad. Inexpensive health costs does not mean that the medical traveler gets less; in face medical travelers get more.

  • The healthcare system in Nicaragua has come a long way but has still to improve. Where most of the population had access to poor quality of healthcare, it is not the case today.
    The number of students studying to be medical doctors have increased. Preventative medicine is dealt with in medical clinics and as a consequence less deaths cases at early age are being reported.
    Managua the capital city has fine hospitals, private and public with good levels of technology. Those who hold a private a health fund get good quality of medical aid and are hospitalized in excellent medical institutions. Employers of the government have a health scheme which they contribute to and can be treated in public hospitals which are overall in good condition. The poor people, which are the majority of people in Nicaragua do receive healthcare but these healthcare institutions lack many substantial facilities.

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  • Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America today. Medical tourists in Nicaragua find this appealing country to be an ideal place for their vacation. Once you land in the capital city Managua, accommodate yourself in one of the fine hotels. Nightlife, casinos and movie cinemas are there for tourists to enjoy. You can tour the historical center in Managua an interesting site. Two and a half hours away and you arrive to paradise, to San Juan del Sur, the beaches, the fishing villages, the jungle just east of San Juan del Sur where you can do a canopy tour on the treetops. There are beautiful mountains to hike and the mouthwatering seafood to eat at cozy restaurants. Prices are inexpensive, bring the whole family and enjoy an after surgery vacation.

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