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Medical tourism in Pakistan has full potential

  •  medical tourism in ArgentinaMedical tourism in Pakistan always had great potential. Medical institutions are excellent and so are the well-trained medical staff. Plastic surgery in Pakistan and liposuction surgery are surgeries which are performed in the many medical institutions in Islamabad.
    The Pakistani government is encouraging medical tourists to come to Pakistan for surgery and other treatments like hair transplant and so prices are considerably low in comparison to neighboring countries. Pakistan is taking advantage of the political unrest in India (caused by Pakistan itself) which ‘shifts’ potential medical travelers to Islamabad. Medical travelers often take a week to explore this beautiful country and enjoy a warm hospitality.

  • Pakistan has the best hair transplant clinics in the South East. People take their appearance seriously and don’t accept being bald for the rest of their life. Hair plant is done under anesthesia and requires skilled medical staff to perform a good hair transplant. Medical travelers to Pakistan save up to 60% when it comes to hair transplant in Pakistan. Liposuction and plastic surgeries are performed in hospitals in Islamabad by qualified doctors and have great success in all the fields of plastic surgery. Medical tourists in Pakistan have the opportunity to tour this amazing country with its vibrant cities and hillsides.

  • Pakistan’s healthcare system in recent years has improved although it still has to come a long way. Major cities have good hospitals and so are smaller urban areas. The middle and upper class get good quality of healthcare but this is not the case for rural remote areas. Some diseases haven’t been eradicated like polio for example and child mortality rate is high in poor areas. A doctor in Pakistan is regarded to be a very respectable profession. Medical schools take the top students and provide an extensive study syllabus for future medical doctors.

  • Plastic surgery in Pakistan is very popular amongst Pakistani citizens and medical travelers. Nose reshaping, facelifts, hair transplants and all other operations and treatments which are connected to the beauty industry. Liposuction is also a common medical operation performed in hospitals in Pakistan. Orthopedic doctors are experts in knee replacements and other orthopedic procedures.

  • Welcome to Pakistan – Islamabad. If it’s nature or the vibrant city life which you’re after there are many options for the traveler to choose from. Go to see one of the biggest mosques in the world ‘Feisal Mosque’; it’s magnificent. If you want a great place to explore nature go to Pir Sohawa where you can walk around and see beautiful views from the hill top. Damen –E-Koh also gets you a panoramic view of Islamabad. Rawal Lake is a nice day’s trip from Islamabad, located in the Margalla Hills. If you are a true nature lover you can visit the most amazing green lush valleys where the mountains reach the sky. Neelum Valley, Kalash Valley etc…There are so many valleys to choose from. Karachi the former capital is a place to visit as well. The spa hotels in Islamabad are exquisite. You will definitely have many good memories from Pakistan!

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