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Medical tourism in Panama, a thriving industry

  •  medical tourism in PanamaPanama is striving to be a regional hub for medical travelers and in doing so has achieved US accreditation for many hospitals. Panama is much Americanized, many people speak English and a large community of medical staff have been to the States for medical practice. Medical travelers receive excellent medical care when hospitalized in one of the top notch medical institutions. Americans have easy access to Panama from nearly every State. Costs of medical treatments are half price than in the United States. Tourists who want to undergo weight loss surgery or cosmetic surgery have a great opportunity to combine both in one trip.

  • Many hospitals and medical clinics have affiliations with international hospitals especially in the US which can assure the medical travelers excellent surgery / treatment. Good hospitals and professional staff promise minimum side effects.
    Dental treatments are a fraction of a price in comparison to dental treatments at country of origin, especially dental implants. Panama is a wonderful destination to travel to which is a major factor when planning a combined medical treatment plus relaxation. There are no waiting lines when it comes to medical tourists booking for surgery. Hospitals are set to take in all medical travelers for the various medical treatments. Americans travel to Panama to capture first-class affordable healthcare.

  • The Argentinean government provides healthcare for its citizens. About fifty percent are covered by the governmental health insurance which is operated by municipal level. The fact that municipals are responsible for the health of its citizens creates a difference of treatment levels; remote places have less medical opportunities to receive high level of treatment. Long waiting lists for operations lead Argentineans to hold a private health insurance. Private hospitals and clinics are booming not only for the locals but also for medical tourists. Doctors are well trained and meet the requirements of any western country. Although Spanish is the spoken language, all medical staffs know English very well. Clinics and hospitals have the most advanced technology for any surgery.

  • Medical tourists come mostly for cosmetic surgery and dental treatments and dental implants but also for orthopedics, neurology, gynecology, bariatric procedures and other branches of medicine.

  • Visit Panama City with its beautiful cobblestone streets in the historic town, stroll through the coastal strip. There are many adventures one can experience like kayaking, diving cruising and treetop canopying. Head for Las Perlas Archipelago for a day’s trip. Hike in El Valle. San Blas islands are marvelous too. Spa resorts are a good choice for medical travelers; all have massages and fitness centers, prices are unbeatable compared to other Caribbean destinations. Caribbean cruises are very trendy among many travelers, enjoy a five star floating hotel with all the facilities of a luxurious hotel.

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