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Medical tourism in the Philippines is suitable for all

  •  medical tourism in PhilippinesFilipino hospitality is known worldwide, compassionate and caring is what makes Filipinos the best caretakers in the world. Medical tourism in the Philippines is a perfect location for medical travelers seeking a perfect operation and vacation. The Philippines have great resorts for the medical travelers to recuperate after plastic interventions, eye surgeries or any other medical treatments. Experienced doctors work in well -equipped hospitals in Manila and other major cities. All medical studies in the country are in English which makes it easy for the medical traveler to choose the Philippines as a favored destination for various medical treatments.

  • Plastic surgeons in the Philippines are known to be well-qualified and have an excellent reputation in all of Asia. Living in the Philippines is inexpensive and therefore medical tourists take advantage of affordable treatments with very high quality of hospitals and other medical institutions. Medical tourism in the Philippines is an ideal destination for eye surgery as well. Filipinos are known to be communicative people, travelers always feel comfortable in the Philippines and therefore it is a trendy place for medical travelers. Medical institutions have advanced technologies and infrastructure to cater for the high rising percentage growth in medical tourism.

  • The Philippines has excellent healthcare for the upper class and the middle class and nonexistent health care at all when it comes to the poor and needy population. There is a social health insurance which was established some thirty five years ago but rural areas hardly benefit from this health scheme. In some parts there is no registration of births and deaths. The nurses in the Philippines are known to be the best in the world. Many nurses migrate to western countries on a working migration visa and work in hospitals and clinics around the world. Nurses are known for their warm hospitality and excellent care.

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  • Welcome to Manila, a huge cosmopolitan with so many attractions to see and do. Explore this bustling city with a guide or on your own. Go to Intamuros the walled city, or the Cathedral and the American Cemetery. Chinatown in Manila is a must, you can visit the interesting museum and learn how the Chinese contributed to the trade of the country. A day’s trip can take you to a beautiful countryside tour, go to Tagaytag Ridge where you can see an active volcano; the surrounding area has coffee and pineapple plantations. Hotel resorts are beautiful and are at a high standard, you can book daily tours from the hotels or take a private guide to tour around.

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