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Medical tourism in Poland has increased since 2004

  •  medical tourism in PolandPoland is easy to reach from all over Europe. You can get on a place and within two hours you land in Warsaw. Since Poland has joined the EU in 2004, Poland medical tourism has been flourishing. Cosmetic surgery in Poland is in very high standard due to well-trained plastic surgeons. IVF clinics in Poland are known all over Europe, many Germans and Ukrainian come to Poland to be treated in these medical clinics. Prices are affordable, especially to medical travelers who come from Western Europe. Poland is also a good place for leisure; hotels are great and so are the newest shopping centers and sightseeing.

  • Medical treatments in Poland are performed by excellent doctors. To be a doctor in Poland needs years of learning and experience. Eye surgery and gastric bypass are done by hundreds a day with reduced side effects or secondary complications. One can save up to 60% undergoing surgery in one of the top medical institutions in Poland. Cheap flights are available to Warsaw and no waiting lists when admitted to the many medical institutions. Within a week you can arrive to Poland and get the surgery done by professional hands. Dentists also undergo years of training, one can come for dental implants to Poland. Poland has the best health spas in Europe; after surgery one can relax in one of the spas and recuperate in a calm environment.

  • Poland has a good healthcare system for its citizens. Polish pay a contribution from their wages – about 8.5% and are entitled for extensive healthcare treatment. There are usually long waiting lists in hospitals and to see a consultant also demands long waiting lists but as for General Practitioners, citizens can ask for a house call if they are chronic patients or too ill to come to the doctor’s clinic. The healthcare system is governed by the state. Most doctors are in big cities and towns, rural areas find it difficult to get good service.
    Public hospitals are of a good standard, complicated surgeries can only be done in public hospitals. Private hospitals have been popular in recent years in order to avoid long waiting lists. Dental treatments are excellent in Poland; citizens have to pay for complicated dentist interventions.

  • Medical treatments in Poland include: plastic surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, various eye surgeries, gastric bypass surgeries, various bariatric surgeries, orthopedics, neurology, cardiology and urology. There are many professional medical clinics and institutions which perform all medical procedures at a high standard. Dental treatments are also popular among medical travelers, from preventative care to complicated dental operation.

  • Warsaw is a beautiful city full of culture, museums, architecture and shopping. It has become a popular destination for those who want enjoy a good weekend in a cosmopolitan city and accommodate themselves in a nice hotel. The old town with its squares and alleys and small cafes are great to wonder around, you can find open air galleries and street performances in the old town in just about every corner you turn to. The Wilanow Baroque Palace is a nice place to visit, the multimedia fountain park, the National Museum or taking a tour in the footsteps of Chopin. Take a day’s trip to Gdansk a very old city with its wonderful brick Church. You can also take a train to Auschwitz, the famous concentration camp which the Nazis built in order to exterminate the Jews, gypsies and other ethnic groups. Today Auschwitz is a museum and an important lesson in history.

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