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Medical tourism in Portugal an uprising destination

  •  medical tourism in PortugalMedical tourism in Portugal is relatively cheap; although located in Europe, one can find medical treatments in Portugal cost effective and easy to travel to. Lisbon, the capital boasts excellent hospitals and laboratories; efficient skilled staff; doctors, nurses and administrative assistants are available for the industry of medical tourism. Cosmetic surgery in Portugal is very trendy nowadays; add to that Portugal’s excellent weather which provides the medical traveler to Portugal a great opportunity to explore this country. Once you have been to Lisbon, you’ll always want to come back. Weight loss surgery is also one of the major medical treatments which medical travelers come for.

  • Lisbon is very easy to reach from all major destinations in the world. It’s a vibrant city which has many hotels and apartments. Medical tourists can save a lot of money should they decide to do cosmetic surgery in Portugal. Doctors are well trained and work in an excellent environment. One can choose many rehabilitation locations after having gone through medical treatments in Portugal. Hundreds of serviced apartments are available in Portugal for the medical traveler to recuperate after surgical intervention. Prices are more than affordable. Portugal is one of the few European countries with reduced waiting lists for weight loss operations and cosmetic surgery.

  • All Portuguese citizens are eligible for healthcare treatment in Portugal. Reforms which were made by the government in 2002 brought the health system to a more than reasonable standard. Portuguese pay contributions to their social system and receive medical treatment in urban and rural areas. Although Portuguese do not speak English, doctors can converse in English very well. EU residents should obtain a form (E-111) from their country in order to get medical aid if needed. Hospitals are of a good standard in Portugal. Rural areas sometimes lack big medical centers but in overall every citizen can reach a district hospital.

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  • Lisbon city is only fifteen minutes away from the airport, hence you do not need to hire a car in order to explore the city. Take a taxi or a bus to the city center and stay in one of the many serviced apartments or hotels in Lisbon. You need good walking shoes because the way to explore this wonderful city is by foot. Walk to all the wonderful squares, churches, museums, cafes and oceanarium. Have a night out to one of the many bars in the historical district. As for day trips, go to Sintra and have a look closely at the palaces.
    Take a couple of days to relax in the Algarve in Southern Portugal. Book yourself to one of the beautiful resorts on the beach or take a boat trip to the coves. Eat fish and drink a glass of wine made in Portugal.

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