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Puerto Rico

Medical tourism in Puerto Rico – a popular choice

  •  medical tourism in Puerto RicoMedical tourism in Puerto Rico is becoming more and more popular among many American citizens. Enjoy a superb holiday in this fascinating island and undergo bariatric surgery, tummy tuck or liposuction surgery in one of the state of the art hospitals. Medical institutions are outstanding and cater all medical tourists for the many surgeries available. The currency in Puerto Rico is the US Dollar; therefore very convenient for the American medical traveler. Saving a lot of money is a major factor for flying to Puerto Rico and undergoing medical treatments; thus it’s not only about saving money but the quality of surgeons in Puerto Rico and the private hospitals which provide the patient top class care.

  • Americans find it difficult to keep up with the medical insurance increase and cannot afford to be treated in good hospitals in the States. Many American who suffer from obesity can find a good solution for their health problem in Puerto Rico. Bariatric surgery is essential for fighting obesity .Puerto Rico has become a substitute location for thousands of Americans who want to undergo bariatric surgery, plastic surgery and liposuction. They find in Puerto Rico an ideal place for vacation and surgery due to high quality surgeons in Puerto Rico and attractive resorts to relax and recover after medical interventions. You don’t have to take a loan in order to undergo essential surgery, all costs including flight and recovery costs are less expensive than the same surgery done in the US.

  • Citizens of Puerto Rico contribute to the American Social Security system but do not benefit from the health system as Americans in the mainland do. Close to two million Puerto Ricans receive free healthcare treatments and depend on it. Triple S – Salud is the largest insurance company in Puerto Roci. Salud’s health insurance scheme includes also dental treatments which is a big plus compared to the US. If you need blood tests, you have to go to special laboratories; public hospital do not perform lab tests. Each time you see a doctor or go to hospital, you have to pay a small amount in order to get medical treatment but in overall this payment is negligible compared to all the medical procedures the insurance covers.


  • The Caribbean is the perfect destination for surgery and relaxation. San Juan the capital of Porto Rico is a mixture of a cosmopolitan city with criollo roots. Stay in the old part of San Juan with its colorful houses and balconies and the beautiful streets dotted with palm trees. Take salsa lessons in the many bars or dancing schools. Cock fighting is a must when you’re vising San Juan. Those cocks beat the hell out of each other. If you are an art lover than you’ll find contemporary art very interesting and worth taking back home. As for food, you can find from very cheap local dishes in local restaurants to expensive restaurants. Puerto Rico’s coastline has beautiful beaches, for surfing, for families or for couples. They are considered to be the top ten in the world. Enjoy your trip!

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