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Medical treatments in Qatar - the gateway to neighboring countries

  •  medical tourism in QatarAll private hospitals and medical institutions in Qatar have to meet international standards in order to receive a renewal of license from the government of Qatar. Medical treatments in Qatar are performed by expert doctors and medical staff. Many Arabic countries have become unstable due to the Arab Spring rebellion thus Qatar has become the gateway for many Arabs from Saudi Arabia and Dubai who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery and other surgeries. Qatar robotic surgery has advanced within the years, doctors are qualifies to perform robotic surgeries with the latest technologies. Qatar has been investing in medical tourism in recent years which makes medical tourism in Qatar a very attractive destination to the surrounding countries.

  • Political unrest of many countries in the Arab World has brought Qatar to be a favored destination for medical treatments. Reduce costs of medical treatments and the fact that medical staff are very knowledgeable and meet high standards is a good reason to travel to Qatar. The government of Qatar has put the health issue on the top of their priority list which means great achievements in all the fields of medicine. For neighboring countries, arriving to Doha, the capital of Qatar is easy and inexpensive. One can be hospitalized on the same day of arrival and have surgery and rehabilitation in a couple of days. Out of nine hospitals in the country, four are private hospitals with innovative technology and modern facilities.

  • The standards of healthcare in Qatar is excellent. All citizens, temporary residents and tourists benefit from healthcare treatments. The major public health institution is called HMC – Hamed Medical Corporation. Qatar has extensive vaccinations for newborns as a preventative healthcare scheme. Many medical institutions were set up in Qatar to serve all the residents of the country. Qatar also doubled the number of ambulances so that in case of emergency one can be assured to get on time to the emergency ward. Doctors and all other medical staff speak English.

  • Cosmetic surgeries in Qatar is increasing rapidly. Qataris can undergo cosmetic surgery with no added costs; surgery is funded by the health fund scheme. Mostly women but not only undergo nose jobs, facelifts and breast augmentations. Bariatric surgeries have also become popular like tummy tuck surgery, liposuction and gastric band operations. Where once you could find Qataris performing cosmetic surgeries only for medical purposes (such as deformity) nowadays Qataris want to look like ‘in the movies’ and undergo extensive cosmetic surgeries.
    The Qatar Robotic Surgery Center was opened in 2010 and along with Hamed Medical Cooperation boasts innovative, prominent experience in this field of medicine. This institution develops all kinds of surgical methods in the world of surgery and has great success.

  • There are many indoor and outdoor activities to do in Qatar. There are beautiful parks with green areas, lovely sandy beaches, fishing tours and water sports. Go to the Museum of Islamic Art, to the market place where you can buy just about everything with a good bargain. There’s a good aqua park. Eat at the markets (Souk in Arabic), try the authentic food although you can find nearly every European cuisine available in Doha. Safari tours in the desert is a must, it is a unique experience. Don’t forget to visit he amazing shopping malls where you can find everything you were looking for.

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