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Medical tourism in Romania is growing steady

  •  medical tourism in ArgentinaFor years Romania is known of its good medical touristic services. Hospitals and medical clinics cater many medical tourists in the field of cosmetic surgery and dentistry. Costs of medical treatments are lower than Western European Countries and are known to be adequate and successful. Romania is known for its thermal spring which have healing characteristics. An ideal medical treatment includes cosmetic surgery with a combination of a spa resort with thermal treatments. Flights to Bucharest the capital of Romania are easy and cheap. The Romanian government is encouraging medical tourists to have surgical interventions in the many excellent medical institutions and so medical travelers benefit from low rate costs.

  • Romania boasts excellent thermal spas in the country which makes the medical traveler’s vacation plus surgery an ideal location. Package deals are tailored to fit the needs of the medical traveler in order to maximize the medical treatments done in Romania. Doctors are well-trained in Romania and go through extensive medical studies; medical staff speak English, German and Hungarian. Romania is known for their kind hospitality and friendly staff. Medical travelers find Romania an attractive place to travel to and tour the country before or after medical treatments. There is no question of cost when it comes to cosmetic surgery and liposuction in Romania, it can come up to a fifth of a quoted price in Western countries.

  • Romania’s healthcare system has improved since Romania joined the EU. Many hospitals especially private hospital and medical clinics were built and have the state of the art technologies. Every Romanian citizen has access to healthcare yet rural areas and remote villages have basic clinics. Romanian doctors are well –trained either in Romania or were trained in Vienna.
    In the year 2011, the Romanian Government offered a new health scheme to privatize all the health system. It was decided that every Romanian citizen will contribute to a private health insurance scheme rather than a national insurance fund. In 2012, this proposal was abolished, there was a great opposition to this health scheme. Now you can a find a similar health scheme put the hospitals remain public.

  • There are many private clinics who perform cosmetic surgery in Romania an also weight loss surgeries like liposuction and tummy tuck. All aesthetic surgery is very developed in Romania. Dentists are well-experienced and perform all dental surgeries such as dental implants and other related treatments. Orthopedic surgeries are also common procedures in Romania and so are organ transplants.

  • Romania’s tourism is increasing rapidly over the years. You can find in Romania an active or a relaxed type of holiday. Bucharest and its charming streets, shopping centers, palaces, churches and the Arch of Triumph where one can view the city from above. From Bucharest you can visit on a day’s trip to Brasov, a medieval town or to Bran where Dracula’s castle is. You can visit Transylvania or taste a bit of Romania’s countryside where you meet the villagers living as if time never went by. The spa resorts are fabulous, you can soak in the thermal mineral waters and springs in Romania and recuperate quickly after medical intervention.

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